Fantomah is a fictional character, best remembered as the first comic book superheroine.[1] Created by Fletcher Hanks, the character first appeared in Jungle Comics #2 (February 1940), published by Fiction House.

Publication historyEdit

Fantomah appeared as a back up feature in Jungle Comics #2, and continued as a back up feature until her final appearance in issue #51 (March 1944). Her early adventures were written and drawn by Fletcher Hanks; later stories were drawn by George Appel. Some of her early adventures were later reprinted by Fiction House in Ka'a'nga Comics, and later by AC Comics in Golden Age Greats #14 (March 1999).

Character backgroundEdit

Fantomah's origin is explained in Jungle Comics #27 (March 1942), in which it is revealed that Phantomah is an ancient Egyptian princess, revived to protect the jungle. Fantomah's heritage gives her many supernatural powers, making her somewhat similar to magical creatures like the Spectre. When Fantomah uses her powers, her normally beautiful face turns into a blue skull (though her curly blonde hair remains unchanged). Later stories play down Fantomah's supernatural powers, and she began to resemble the more popular Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Fantomah exhibited a large number of super abilities, generally as required by the stories plots. Among others, she had the ability to fly, transform objects into different objects, levitate other objects, cause humans to mutate into other forms, super strength, and so on. Generally, whenever Fantomah used her powers, she would change her face from a normal human woman to a blue-skinned skull-like visage. The origin of her powers were never explained.

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