Ezlo in his cap form

Ezlo is a fictional character in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda franchise and Link's sidekick in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Not only did he give hints at the ready by pressing Select, but he also gave Link the power to shrink whenever he stands on a magic portal.

Character history Edit

Ezlo was a former renowned Minish craftsman and master to his apprentice Vaati, who was working on a grand project: to make a cap that would grant the wishes of its wearer. No sooner had he finished the cap the Vaati stole it from his work desk and place it onto himself. Vaati used the power of the cap to transform himself into a Hylian mage and what he claimed to be "the most powerful sorcerer."

Ezlo attempted to stop Vaati, but was unsuccessful. Vaati was able to use the power of the wish-granting cap to transform Ezlo into a green bird-hat. Soon enough, our hero would find Ezlo in the Minish Woods being attacked, and befriend him for the entirety of a large adventure. Ezlo would then ride around on Link's head like a hat and shrink him down to Minish size when needed.

Half-way through the game Link and Ezlo encountered Vaati outside of Hyrule Castle. After a short conversation between them and being attacked by two Moblins, Ezlo explained the history between him and his traitorous apprentice along with Vaati's intentions to obtain the mythical Light Force.

After Link and Ezlo managed to defeat Vaati in the corrupted Dark Hyrule Castle, all that seemed to remain of Vaati was the magic cap that Ezlo had made. Ezlo then regained his original Minish form, claiming that defeating Vaati broke the curse that he placed on him. Ezlo then introduced himself to Princess Zelda (who the two had rescued earlier) and gave her the magic cap saying that her wishes could be reality through the wish granting cap. She then wished that all of the evil Vaati caused would go away and so it did, returning Hyrule Castle back to its normal self.

It was then that the door to the Minish Realm began to close for another 100 years. Although he was saddened to leave, he stated that he had to go. As a parting gift, he gave Link a floppy green hat. He then shrunk down to Minish size and walked through the door linking to two worlds as it closed behind him.


While in a cap form, he had little power. His only abilities were giving information and hints to Link spontaneously and on demand, as well as giving background about the current situation. He could also shrink Link down to Minish-size when he stands on top of a Minish Portal, such as a Tree Stump or a rock.

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