Exile in his Cano-sapien form.

Exile (born Exilo Mikhailovich Sanhusky) is a fictional anthropomorphic dog from the action/comedy cartoon Road Rovers that premiered in September 1996. He is a Siberian Husky. Before he became a Road Rover he lived in Siberia, presumably as a sled dog (he is shown pulling a sled in his cano-sapien form in the opening sequence of the show).

Personality Edit

Exile tends to have a happy-go-lucky attitude, although he tends to complain when people are "always rushing" him. He has a heavy Russian accent and often butchers English phrases, usually two at a time. For example, he once said that a task would be "Simple as candy. Like taking pie from a baby." Often when his fellow Road Rovers try to correct his mistakes, he has no idea what they are talking about.

Exile is known for giving bear hugs to those close by whenever he is in an exceptionally good mood. These hugs are made rather unpleasant for the recipients by the fact that, in his jubilation, Exile inevitably forgets about his super strength.

For some reason Exile is often teamed up with Blitz on missions. Presumably this is done by the scriptwriters because, since they are perfect foils, teaming them up opens many comical possibilities.

Powers Edit

Exile has some degree of super-strength, but his main powers are freeze vision, heat-ray vision, and night vision. He also has a talent for working with machinery, either quickly repairing it or just as quickly disabling it. He is aided in this by the fact that his heat vision makes a highly effective welding torch.

Exile is sometimes alleged to have X-ray vision, but is not known ever to have done so outside of fanfiction.