The Evil Twins, Victor and Moritz

The Evil Twins, Victor and Moritz, are fictional characters in the Crash series. They come from the 10th Dimension. They have an immense power in Crash's dimension, being able to control the motion of objects and even bringing inanimate things to life, out of their simple will.

History Edit

A lot of history is actually known about the Evil Twins, prior to perhaps even Crash 1. They originate from Crash's dimension, and they were Cortex's pets. They claim that Doctor Neo Cortex ruined their lives; the trouble started when Cortex was 8 years old. He was testing a prototype Evolvo-Ray, with Victor and Moritz as the two test subjects. However, instead of having evolved them, the beam made them disappear into the mysterious 10th Dimension. After some not-so-quality time there, the severe radioactive conditions started to sharpen their skills and warp their fragile egg-shell minds, eventually turning them into this twisted duo.

Unfortunately the Evil Twins are never seen again, as they get eaten by Evil Crash in the end.

Personality Edit

Victor seems to be the leader. He is more serious and apparently more talkative than Moritz.

Moritz is the more simple, but nevertheless intelligent brother. He often takes figures of speech in a literal sense and sometimes blurts out things he shouldn't Victor said at one point "Always bringing up the riches." He also appears to be hungry nearly all the time. When Cortex wonders if he has any chocky treats Moritz gets exited. Then when Tikimon gets defeated Victor exclams "Aw nuts!" then Moritz exitedly asks "There's nuts?", and in the same cutscene when Victor and Moritz are going into a warp Moritz shouts at Crash and Cortex "See you around losers. Say is it lunchtime yet?".

The Evil Twins are both voice by Quinton Flynn in the American version of Crash Twinsanity, and in Japan are voiced by Shinpachi Tsuji, being Victor, and Setsuji Satou as Moritz.

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