Emperor Velo the 27th

Emperor Velo the 27th, usually referred to as just "Velo", is a [[Fictional character|fictional villain in the Crash series. He loves racing and he used to be the galactic champion. He is very runty and is a sore loser.

Story Edit

Crash Nitro Kart Edit

In Crash Nitro Kart he warped the Bandicoots and Team Cortex to his coliseum and forced them to race as entertainment for his minions and himself. He said that if they did not race for him he would destroy earth, but if they could beat the galactic champion in a race they may gain their freedom and prevent earth's destruction. But before they could race the galactic champion ,who was Velo, they had to beat each world's champion. After the Bandicoots and Team Cortex raced through every world and defeated every world's champion they raced Velo and defeated him. But even after Velo's defeat he didn't let them go back to earth; he told them that they must collect each tracks time relics and race him again before they won their freedom and could return to earth.

After Velo was defeated a second time he became so angry that his robotic encounter suit exploded showing to the people that obeyed him, the Bandicoots, and Team Cortex his actual form, which is the same as his servants. After this Velo allowed both teams to go back to their planet.

Personality Edit

Velo seems to be extremely arrogant and very short tempered, but can usually take control of his temper. He also seems to have a crude sense of humor.

Trivia Edit

Note: All the information below relates only to Crash Nitro Kart.

  • Once you achieve 100% on Adventure mode with both teams you can play as Velo on the Yellow team (team Oxide).
  • You can race Velo ghost in Time Trial mode on tracks after you've beaten Dr. Nefarious Tropy ghost on that track.
  • In the 128-Bit version the Real Velo is playable; while in the GBA version the "Big" Velo is playable instead.

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