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Ebeneezer Von Clutch.

Ebeneezer Von Clutch (voiced by Danny Mann in the English version and Hiroshi Ōtake in the Japanese version) is a fictional character in the Crash series, first appearing in Crash Tag Team Racing. He is a deranged genius cyborg and the owner of Von Clutch's MotorWorld. He has a stereotypical German accent, and is a huge fan of both racing and the Crash franchise (as shown in a scene in Crash Tag Team Racing which breaks the fourth wall and leaves everyone confused). Crash and the rest of the Bandicoots helped Von Clutch find his black power gem, the very power source that keeps him alive. It is revealed that Willy Wumpa Cheeks had stolen his Black Heart Gem, and Crash gives it back to Von Clutch, but in the end, Crash ended up knocking the Black Heart Gem back out of him by giving him a friendly pat on the back.


  • Von Clutch's unlockable outfit you can purchase in Astro Land is of a pirate outfit with an eyepatch. On Crash Twinsanity, Dr. N. Gin's music in his ship is of pirate thime, meaning N. Gin likes pirates.

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