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Doctor Ivo Robotnik, commonly known as Doctor Eggman, is the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a comically obese scientist with an IQ of 300, and the de facto archenemy of Sonic the Hedgehog. His character designer is Naoto Ōshima, and he has gone through several appearance changes throughout the series.

Concept and inspirationEdit


In April 1990, Sega petitioned its research and development department, AM8, to create a character who would replace Alex Kidd as the company's mascot, as well as compete against Nintendo's flagship character, Mario. A caricature of Theodore Roosevelt was among the proposed designs, and combined with the idea of an egg-shaped character, it eventually became the basis of the visual design for Dr. Robotnik/"Eggman".[1] In creating the "bad guy" for the Sonic series, the development team wanted a character who was "the opposite of Sonic;" a character who represented "machinery" and "development" to play on the then-growing debate between developers and environmentalists.[2] The character was also designed to be easy for children to draw.[2]

The original English instruction manual for his 1991 debut game Sonic the Hedgehog described the character's full name as "Doctor Ivo Robotnik"[3] while the Japanese version's instruction manual for the same game called him "Doctor Eggman".[4] Then in 1999's Sonic Adventure, the character was called both "Doctor Robotnik" and "Doctor Eggman" in the English version.[5] Yuji Naka has explained that "Robotnik" is the character's real name while "Eggman" is a "common name taken after his shape."[6] Despite this, the Japanese Sonic Channel profile listed his full name as unknown.[7]


In childhood, the young Ivo Robotnik looked up to his grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik, and believed him to be a great man, who had done his best to help mankind and was unfairly executed. From this, the young Ivo likely viewed the government as corrupt, and in any case, decided to follow in his grandfather's footsteps to become a scientist. But somewhere along the line, he became obsessed with the idea of a world under his rule, and using his unmatched mechanical genius, began his plans. Long before the first Sonic game, Eggman met the hedgehog, and the two became instant rivals. Over the years he created several deadly creations, and, realizing the hedgehog's determination was as fierce as his own in overcoming them, gained a respect for his adversary. When he accidentally found his grandfather's diary, he was led on an adventure that would show him that his grandfather was perhaps not as innocent as he had thought. Recently, his plans have been increasingly hindered by outside forces, but this has given him chances to show his hatred of things that would threaten the entire human race, and consequently threaten his plans.


Eggman is the grandson of the renowned scientist Professor Gerald Robotnik, and the cousin of Maria Robotnik. He is a short-tempered, loud and pompous evil genius who plans to take over the world. However, his plans have always failed thanks to Sonic and his allies. Despite his intelligence, Dr. Eggman is horribly immature, throwing temper tantrums when Sonic throws the proverbial wrench into his plans, and, at times, seems to overlook crucial details in his plans, such as in the opening sequence of Sonic's story in the 2006 video game when he orders his robots to fire on Sonic while he is escaping with Princess Elise, failing to realize that they could possibly injure or kill Elise if they land a direct hit on Sonic. An example of his immaturity is in the ending of Sonic Unleashed, when one of his robots begins to insult him over his constant failures and calls him a loser; Eggman screams "Oh, shut up!!", attempts to kick him only to comically fail, and then chases him through the desert in a childish rage. Several versions of Robotnik also show a lack of common sense: the Sonic Underground incarnation, for example, was perfectly willing to let all of Mobius be destroyed by Chaos Energy as long as Sonic was destroyed as well, failing to realize that he would be destroyed as well.

He has built immense warships, such as the Death Egg and the Egg Carrier, as well as escape units such as the Egg Mobile. In fact, his most famous machine is an Egg Mobile with a wrecking ball attached to the bottom, which appears in Green Hill Zone as a boss level. His plans to create the ultimate utopia, the Eggman Empire, are always in full swing, and doesn't care where to create it, be it Mobius, Earth, Dark World, or even the Babylon Rogues' home planet. His abominable laughter and maniacal declarations contrast his self-professed softer side as a romanticist, feminist, and gentleman. Despite his and Sonic's constant feud, he has secretly developed a begrudging respect for the hedgehog. Although Eggman is a villain, he helps Sonic and co. when the world is at stake, most likely because if the world is destroyed, it defeats his whole purpose. This can be backed up by what he said in the Sonic X adaption of Sonic Adventure 2: "I'm so happy Earth was saved...Now I can conquer it and establish my empire!! Heheheh!" Eggman often declares his deep hatred of Sonic with his unmistakable catchphrase, "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!"

However, despite his desire for world domination, he does have a human side, and does not appreciate senseless destruction and killing. Although he doesn't appreciate in seeing others perform acts senseless destruction and killing, he seems to have no problem doing so. As shown in Sonic CD's Bad Futures, the "Eggman Empire" is full of senseless destruction, tyranny and ruin. In Sonic Unleashed, he possibly murders thousands when reawakening Dark Gaia.

In Sonic X, his human side shows even more due to the show's comedy value; his war with Sonic has become more of a light-hearted rivalry (and at the end of the anime series, he revives it solely for entertainment value), and he dislikes physically harming people and animals, as shown in an episode of Sonic X where Chris and Cosmo were captured by the Metarex; the Metarex leader knocked Cosmo out and stabbed Chris (but only knocked him unconscious in the 4Kids dub), leading Eggman to remark, "It's one thing to take them prisoner and threaten them, but when you actually hurt somebody, that's going too far!" In the Sonic X comics, a running gag involves Eggman struggling to understand the concept of money. While he is at a loss about what exactly is so valuable about "little green slips of paper" (as he often calls it), he does understand that having a lot of it allows him to buy more parts for his robots, so he often makes attempts to steal and/or extort vast amounts from the Station Square citizens.


Eggman's most well known ability is his masterminded plots and schemes which only fail due to Sonic and his friends. He is a remarkable scientist and engineer, as evidenced by the armies of robots he's created. Eggman is an incredibly skilled pilot: able to swoop missiles and lasers in his Eggmobile with skill rivaling that of Tails.[8] Eggman has also shown some considerable physical strength.[9] Despite his physical structure, Eggman is also very athletic; this is seen in many of the 16-bit era games, where there is almost always a point where Sonic chases him; despite his weight and Sonic's speed, he always manages to outrun his nemesis (one time he outran a speeding truck) long enough to reach his next escape vehicle or weapon. This trait of agility is carried on in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and Sega Superstars Tennis. He also has a special sensor in his glasses that allows him to locate Chaos Emeralds. Jokingly, as an in-gameplay mechanic, it is also said that he is faster in running speed than Sonic himself as he always escapes his grasp in the Game Gear games. Although it has been proven, it is unknown whether he is still faster than Sonic, since he is almost always in his Egg Mobile.[10] In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood he is the most handicapped character in the game, as having no out of battle abilities and only one tag move with Tails despite being useful for defeating robots during the chapter. These are the two POW moves he has:

  • Bombardment: Eggman does an odd dance to summon an artillery barrage that leaves the foe sluggish.
  • Sabotage: Tails joins Eggman to quickly and aggresively dismantle a robot target.

Eggman might have superhuman strength. This is hinted in Sonic Riders, Where Eggman could break stone pillars and even statues.

SegaSonic continuity (video games)Edit

File:Robotnik 42.png

The original Dr. Ivo Robotnik appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog, with a black pants/shoes suit, a red shirt with two downward yellow triangles on it (sometimes called a collar or redesigned as part of a cape), a pair of white gloves, and of course, dark blue, clip-on-to-nose, one-way sunglasses (which he doesn't need to see with). The official continuity gives no real official origin for Robotnik, but it is known that Sonic is Robotnik's arch-enemy, always out to stop the Doc's schemes. Even so, as mentioned above, Robotnik is willing to help Sonic in certain occasions, like when Gemerl was affected by the Chaos Emeralds, or when Prof. Gerald Robotnik's Space Colony ARK was going to crash into Earth. Although Eggman has appeared mostly as the enemy, he's also been playable in games like Sonic R, Sonic Riders, and Sonic Adventure 2. Dr. Robotnik is rarely the final boss in his post-Sega Genesis appearances, often being either betrayed by his own allies or upstaged by a third party and forming temporary alliances with Sonic and the gang when his plans spiral out of control. In Sonic Unleashed, he is once again the primary antagonist, but is ultimately betrayed by Dark Gaia. This time around, he doesn't team up with Sonic's crew in order to stop him (possibly because he was sent flying away by Dark Gaia's power and Sonic and Chip were the only two fighting Dark Gaia at the moment).

Naming VariationsEdit

File:Sonic1 us manual 02 03.gif

Although the character was known as Dr. Eggman in Japan since the original Sonic the Hedgehog, he was given the name "Ivo Robotnik" in Western countries ("Ivo" being the reverse of "ovi" which is the comibining form of "ovum" meaning simply, egg. "Ivo" is also a common male given name in some European countries). He was referred to by this name in full on page 2 of the US version of the original Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) instruction manual (as shown in the image), as well as officially licensed media (such as Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Comic). It wasn't until Sonic Adventure that Sega decided to merge the two names together; this resulted in Dr. Eggman being his universal alias, and Dr. Ivo Robotnik his real name. This was confirmed by Yuji Naka in an interview, who added that Sonic was probably the first person to use the name "Eggman", but he did so affectionately.[11] Since Sonic Adventure, he has mostly been known in America as "Eggman", with the use of the name "Ivo Robotnik", or even just "Robotnik", becoming rare. However, it should be noted that in the English version of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood he briefly refers to himself as Dr. Robotnik, while in Sonic Adventure 2 he calls himself Eggman as does every one else (even though "Robotnik Empire" appears in the background along with "Eggman Empire" during his demonstration of the ARK's Eclipse Cannon).

Eggman's BasesEdit

In all the games, Dr. Eggman had one or two bases. This a list of them:





Adventures of Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Main article: Doctor Ivo Robotnik (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)

This version of Doctor Robotnik was a scientist who desired to conquer Mobius with the help of his badnik sidekicks, Scratch and Grounder, although he always failed.

SatAM/Archie continuityEdit

Main article: Robotnik Prime

Dr. Robotnik was an heartless, diabolical tyrant who had already conquered most of Planet Mobius. He was good-natured, up until he became power hungry. His plans of conquering Mobius was assured except for the Freedom Fighters, led by Princess Sally and Sonic the Hedgehog. Unlike in Japan's continuity, the antagonist was only known as "Dr. Robotnik", with no hint of his first name, until later in the series where it was retconned to Julian.

Sonic the Comic continuityEdit

Main article: Doctor Ivo Robotnik (Sonic the Comic)

Ivo Robotnik was created during a laboratory accident involving the goodly scientist Ovi Kintobor, a rotten egg and the Chaos Emeralds. During the series he managed to send Sonic forward in time by six months, during which time he managed to conquer Mobius. Sonic and his friends formed a group of Freedom Fighters with the aim of overthrowing him.

Sonic X continuityEdit

Main article: Doctor Eggman (Sonic X)

Dr. Eggman was born on Earth II, but got somehow flung into Sonic's world. By mistake, he and Sonic and co. arrive there, meeting among others Chris Thorndyke. Eventually they had to go back to their world because the alternate universes containing the planets were fusing together, and would only stop if Sonic and co. leave. In the third season his role as the main villain is taken over by the Metarex.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!" The infamous quote after Sonic and Tails foils his plans in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

"Now you know why I am the best!" - Robotnik after getting an "A" rank in Sonic Adventure 2.

"The world is mine!" - Eggman after being selected in Sonic Adventure 2 multiplayer mode.

"Get a load of this" - Eggman in Sonic Adventure.

"You little..." - Eggman in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Unleashed.

"He's not going to get away with this!" Eggman in Sonic Adventure.

"You're going to pay for this!" Eggman in Sonic Advance 3.

"No way! I can't believe this!" Eggman in Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut.

"You're no match for me!" Eggman in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

"It''s my grandfather...Gerald Robotnik." Eggman in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle when he realizes that the Eclipse Cannon won't fire.

"You think you can beat me?" Eggman beginning multiplayer games in Sonic Adventure 2 games and both Sonic Riders.

"That's right, Sonic. The great Dr. Robotnik has reformed! Ha ha ha ha ha!" Eggman in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

"It's cute how much you hate me." - Eggman to Sonic in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

"I'll have to give myself a prrromotion!" Robotnik in an episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

"Oh. Yeah it slipped my mastermind!" -Eggman in Sonic X

"Quick take a picture of them with me!" - Eggman in Sonic X when the Planet Eggs are returning to their rightful planets.

"I wonder if it's possible to be too much of a genius for your own good." - Eggman in Sonic X

"SILENCE!" - Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

"SnooPING AS usual, I see. " - Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

"My full name is 'Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Not that anyone's ever asked." - Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

"You've wasted so much of my time" - Eggman after a victory in SEGA Superstars Tennis





  • His character design is based on Theodore Roosevelt's appearance.
  • In a PC World article, Eggman was voted as #15 of the top 47 "most diabolical videogame villains of all time."
  • Eggman's brown moustache and dark glasses additionally give him a resemblance to the Tiger's Moth's engineer in Laputa: Castle in the Sky, a movie feature unrelated to the Sonic series.[12]
  • Eggman has more redesigns than any other character in the whole Sonic series.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) is the first time we see Eggman's eyes (blueish gray) (not counting whenever he's hit in the Sonic Advanced Series of games) & he seems more evil in Sonic The Hedgehog 2006, almost as evil as Eggman Nega. Eggman's eyes are blueish gray with red pupils and black sclera.
  • Interestingly, both times Silver appeared to try and kill Sonic, Eggman manages to sneak in and kidnap Elise, which resulted in him (albeit unintentionally) saving the world, because if Elise witnessed Sonic being killed by Silver, she would certainly have burst into tears, thus releasing Iblis.
  • Eggman's Sonic Channel artwork is mostly reused in 3D: 1st in Super Smash Bros Brawl & again in Sonic Unleashed.
  • Despite being the main villain of the series, Eggman has been playable in numerous games. (Being the first playable Human in the series.)
  • Eggaman's moustache constantly changes size throughout games.
  • Eggman doesn't have eyebrows, unless one calls the lines above his eyes to be where his eyebrows should be.
  • Sonic and the Black Knight is the very first 3D Sonic game where Eggman doesn't make an appearance in at all, nor is he mentioned (although before the game's release, many fans believed that when the Black Knight was unmasked he would look like Eggman, possibly due to his role as King Shahryār in Sonic and the Secret Rings). One of the collectable items in the game, the Joker Card, has his logo on it, however.
  • Despite Eggman's frequent failures, many continuities depict him conquering the world at some point. In the SatAM continuity, for example, he had the world under control from the beginning, and Archie simply expanded on this. In the Fleetway comics, Robotnik held control over Mobius for a rather long length of time until he was finally de-throned. For a time, the comics and TV shows were the only continuities in which Eggman managed to take over the world, until Chronicles was released.
  • It is unknown why Dr. Eggman is a Power-Type in the Sonic Riders Games. It could be from his large size.
  • In the Japanese manual of Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) Sonic is 10 years old. So, technically, he and Eggman have been enemies for 5 years and counting.
  • All of Eggman's 'paired-up partners' (Scratch and Grounder, Decoe and Bocoe, and Sleet and Dingo) have extremely low IQ, and they all have betrayed him at one point.
  • An unused line of Omochao's from Sonic Adventure 2 hints at the possibility that Dr. Eggman's moustache may be fake.
  • According to Shadow the Hedgehog, 50 years ago the G.U.N commander was about 6 or 7, making the G.U.N commander 57 that means Eggman can be around 50 years old.
  • Dr. Eggman is similar to Bowser in some ways:
  1. They are (obviously) the main archenemies of their series
  2. They have tried to pursue seven crystallized items (Bowser: Crystal Stars (Paper Mario: TTYD), Dr. Eggman: Chaos Emeralds)
  3. They have gotten the main hero's evil doppelganger to work for them (Wario and Shadow)
  4. They have temporarily teamed up with their archenemies in an RPG game (Eggman: Sonic Chronicles, Bowser: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars/Super Paper Mario)
  5. They have the color red on them
  6. Their series have classified them as Power-Types
  7. They have a large army of easy-to-defeat enemies (Bowser: Goombas & Koopas, Eggman: Badniks and Egg Pawns)
  8. Their enemies are practically most of the characters of their respective series

Cultural impactEdit

In scienceEdit

A potential macrocycle inhibitor of the gene called Sonic hedgehog was discovered by a Harvard University research team was named "Robotnikinin" after the Dr. Robotnik character. The researchers felt that after Sonic hedgehog was named after the Sega video game character, they should "adhere to the convention" in naming the inhibiting compound after the character's archenemy.[13]


Over the years, Dr. Eggman has had a variety of merchandise. Going from collectable pins and plushies, to specialized notebooks and clocks.

Critical receptionEdit

The character has been well-received, going on to become one of the most well-known villains in gaming. GameDaily ranked him number one on their list of Top 25 Evil Masterminds of All Time article, stating "Out of all the evil masterminds in video games, none are more despicable, more cunning, or more menacing".[14] IGN listed him at number nine above Mario-series villain Bowser in their "Top 10 Most Memorable Villains" article, calling him "PETA's videogame public enemy number one",[15] and has also commented that his character is a "pretty clever riff on Teddy Roosevelt" that has added to the attraction of the series.[16] He was featured at number three in a "Reader's Choice" edition of GameSpot's "Top Ten Video Game Villains" article, which noted a massive complaint by fans at his exclusion from the original list.[17] Eggman was also named the 15th most diabolical video game villain of all time by PC World.[18] Game Informer notes that in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, "Eggman's villain ego shows some amusing tarnish after constant defeat at the hands of Sonic."[19]

Theme SongsEdit


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