N. Gin before Crash of the Titans

Doctor N. Gin is a fictional character in the Crash series. He is a scientist who was hit in the head by a missile. He was taken in by Cortex, and now is his ever-loyal assistant.

History Edit


N. Gin in Crash of the Titans

Doctor Neo Cortex's evil and crazy right henchman, N. Gin is a semi-half-faced cyborg with very crazy tendencies and evils projects. He is a genius in technologies and all about of mechs. Recently, he "got in touch with his feminine side" and now acts even crazier.

Evil Mechs creator Edit

In Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, N. Gin explains to Cortex that he needs help gaining the 25 slave crystals. He appears as the penultimate boss, using a huge heavily armed robot, and was supposed to be getting the crystals from Crash. He is defeated, saying "Dr.Cortex will be very displeased with your resistance!" In Warped, he plays a lesser role,in home race is N Gin's labs but still important none the less. He is again the penultimate boss, this time using an even larger robot which later joins a ship and gains additional weaponry, fought by Coco on the moon, who uses a space-fighter. In Crash Team Racing, he races on Team Cortex against N.Oxide, with excellent acceleration like Coco's. In Crash Bash, he appears as an obstacle in the Ballistix minigame, randomly throwing balls at players. In Wrath of Cortex, he suggests Cortex's super weapon, Crunch. In Nitro Kart, N. Gin races on Cortex's team, trying to get freedom from Velo. In Huge Adventure, he doesn't appear as the penultimate boss, but as the 2nd boss. He has a severely powered down mech in this game.

Pirate Mind Edit

In Crash Twinsanity, he now has his own battle ship. Before that however, he builds the Mecha Bandicoot to try and kill Crash, but fails. After destroying N. Gin's crows nest, N.Gin falls on a TNT Crate, exploding everything around it. He later appears with with N. Tropy and N. Brio in The Evil Twins' treasure room, angry at Cortex and wanting the treasure.

Girly man at the race Edit

N. Gin later makes an appearance in Crash Tag Team Racing as a playable character. In this game, he has a whole new look, including gray skin and black hair. He also gains a new personality such as depressive and effeminate madman, proving by feminine mannerisms and yelling, and telling Crash to get him a ballerina dress so he can be pretty and also request pink slippers for his last creation.

Double-personality cyborg Edit

N. Gin appears in Crash of the Titans, in which he owns a large factory that looks like himself in a pose similar to the Statue of Liberty. In the same game, he is shown having split-personalities and strange emotionals problems, who leading him in hysterical ways.

Still Crazy Edit

N. Gin also appears in Crash: Mind Over Mutant. He appear's at the beginning of the game, leading an attack against on Crash with his Ratnician army. He observes the Bandicoot by an observatory, which became his home when Cortex left him in Wumpa Islands and reveals if Cortex is triumphant in his plot, N. Gin will be he ruler of Wumpa Islands. Though, N. Gin is finally defeated by Crash and Aku Aku, and leaves Wumpa Islands. He probaly went back to his factory from Titans.

Trivia Edit

  • N. Gin's name is pun on the word "engine". It's unknown what the N stands for, but it's possibly "nitro", so the full name would be a pun on "Nitrogen". There's also the possibility of "Narco" as Narcogin is a phamaceutical reference to an analgesic. And N. Gin goes through a lot of pain, which he seems to enjoy.
  • A deleted scene in "Twinsanity" suggests N. Gin has a crush upon Coco Bandicoot, also in "Crash Tag Team Racing" on Crash, and again on Coco in "Crash: Mind Over Mutant", calling her "delicious".(Alhough he had a lobster bib on and was holding a knife and fork at the time.) However, when confronted by Crash and Aku Aku, N. Gin called Coco "Revolting". Any inconsistency can be chalked up to N.Gin's multiple personality disorder.
  • N. Gin has stated in "Crash of the Titans" that he found girls yucky. Some have speculated that this and him wearing a tutu would imply homosexuality. But this statement seems more to illustrate the immature, childish side of his severely fractured personality.
  • N. Gin might possibly have a Jewish background, as he argued (With himself) that Dr. Cortex often kicked him in the "tuchus." But that could simply be there for comic effect.
  • N. Gin is possibly originated from Austria, Germany or simply around Europe due to his accent.
  • In the Crash games made by Naughty Dog, N. Gin had the most Hit Points in Warped (5 and 7, equaling 12).
  • In the DS version of Crash of the Titans when crash defeats him, the missle in the head explodes and n gin goes flying like a balloon.
  • N. Gin is the only male character to appear as an extremely feminine man throughout a Crash game.
  • N. Gin's voice is styled after classic movie actor Peter Lorre. Often regarded as the quintessential simpering, creepy henchman archetype.