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Dingodile is a fictional character in the Crash series. He is a genetically enhanced cross between a dingo and crocodile. His first appearance is in Crash Bandicoot: Warped. After his initial appearence, he appeared in most Crash Bandicoot games as a main character up until Crash Twinsanity, where he began to appear less. His latest appearence was in the Nintendo DS version of Crash of the Titans.

Warped Edit

Dingodile appears before Crash with his flamethrower in hand, almost frying Penta Penguin for effect. In his Boss Battle, he fights Crash in the ice ages with his signature flamethrower.

The battle consists of Dingodile standing on a circular podium, whilst Crash tries to run around him dodging the flames until he can find an opening to attack.

After he is defeated, Penta Penguin's ancestor jumps on his back.

Crash Team Racing Edit

In CTR, he appears as a playable standard character on Team Cortex's team against N. Oxide. His home track is "Dingo Canyon". Like Tiny Tiger and the hidden racer Papu Papu, he was one of the fastest racers; the only side effect was having bad turning and acceleration.

Crash Bash Edit

Dingodile crash bash

Dingodile in Crash Bash

Dingodile appears once again as a playable character in Crash Bash. In the intro, he is moved to the good side along with Tiny Tiger because of the abundance of players on Cortex's side. It is interesting to note that his boss battle music is used for a mini-game (most notably in "Dot Dash") and the battle against Oxide, but is slightly remixed.

Wrath of CortexEdit

In Wrath of Cortex, Dingodile is only given a brief role. He gets no lines of dialouge and his only use was an obstacle in Crash's way by racing against him in a racing level and shooting his flamethrower at Crash while in his running ball.

Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure Edit

Dingodile appears as a boss, where he is battled underwater. He replaces his usual flamethrower with a water gun. He wears a glass air helmet and a pair of blue swim trousers.

Crash Nitro Kart Edit


Dingodile, as he appears in "Crash Nitro Kart".

In CNK, Dingodile's character takes a much more odd and satirical turn. He is first seen as his usual self in the intro, assissting N. Gin in his lab. The next time he shows up, he is seen on a podium with the evil master of hypnotism, N. Trance. Dingodile has been brainwashed by Dr. N. Trance to race for him in the circuit, along with Pura and Polar.

The brainwashing seems to have greatly affected him both physically and mentally. Physically, he dons a helmet with a small antennae on the top, assumed to be N. Trance's way of brainwashing him. His eyes also turn green, and oddly enough, one eye looks up and one eye looks down, possible due to the brainwashing. Mentally, he seems much more happy and generally more insane. All of his taunts are said in an insane manner, completely different from the old Dingodile, and he almost always seems to have a huge smile on his face.

Crash Bandicoot Purple: Ripto's Rampage Edit

Dingodile makes a cameo in this game as a card. Oddly enough, he is in his brainwashed state from CNK, complete with his "wonky" eyes and helmet.

Twinsanity Edit

In Twinsanity, Dingodile shows up at Crash's "birthday party" with several other villains. After Crash and Cortex's squabble, he discusses lunch with Ripper Roo. Later, he is seen inside a small shack, which is crushed by a giant snowball containing Crash and Cortex. He overhears their intentions of getting the Evil Twins' treasure and secretly follows them to the Academy of Evil. Believing they already have the treasure, he encounters them inside the boiler room, only to be defeated by Crash. He is last seen unconscious in the boiler room.

Dingodile's appearance is changed drastically in Twinsanity. He has a plumper body and darker fur, as well as new clothes and flamethrower to match. During his boss fight, he makes strange grunting sounds resembling a pig.

Crash of the Titans Edit

Dingodile does not appear in the console versions of the game. Instead he reappears in the handheld versions of Crash of the Titans. He can be "jacked" and controlled in the GBA version. He is the first boss in the game. It should be noted that in the Nintendo DS version, he had an orange tail instead of green, and he looks like a pig.

Dingodile titans

Dingodile in the Nintendo DS version of Crash of the Titans

Personality Edit

When Dingodile first appeared, he had a rasp Australian accent. However, in Crash Bash, he had an uncharacteristically deep and somewhat goofy laugh whenever he won a minigame. He regained his first accent in Crash Twinsanity.

Dingodile was seen preying on the weak; in fact, he nearly fried Penta Penguin with his flamethrower before battling Crash. He is also sometimes treacherous, and is not above betraying even Cortex for his own gains, which is evident in Crash Twinsanity.

Trivia Edit

  • In the CTR epilogue (debatable in canon), Dingodile opened a program that made combinations of different animals with the motto, "Combine Them All". With this program, he created the Gir-Bat (Giraffe/Bat), Kanga-Rooster (Kangaroo/Rooster), and the Dingo-Rilla (Dingo/Gorilla). This may also explain the existence of Rilla Roo, the Gorilla/Kangaroo hybrid.
  • His moving from the "Evil" to "Good" in Crash Bash suggests that some fans preferred him to be a Good Guy.
  • In Twinsanity, the scene with Crash and Cortex crushing his house originally involved Dingodile eating dinner with Tawna instead of reading a book. This was changed in the final product.