Andy Umberger as D'Hoffryn

D'Hoffryn is a fictional character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, played by Andy Umberger. He is a powerful entity high in the demonic hierarchy. He's the master of the vengeance demons, a cabal which includes humans who are "elevated" to demonic status and endowed with mystical powers enabling them invoke curses at the behest of mortals who have experienced wrong-doing. D'Hoffryn rules over a hell dimension known as Arashmahaar.

D'Hoffryn was in Sweden in medieval times where he met a young woman named Aud, who had recently used magic to turn her cheating boyfriend into a troll. He offered Aud a position as vengeance demon, and she became Anyanka, avenger of scorned women. When Anyanka, under the guise of Anya, is robbed of her powers by Giles while attempting to exact vengeance on behalf of Cordelia, D'Hoffryn refuses to help her, leaving Anya stuck in a teenage body. In season four, D'Hoffryn attempts to convince Willow to become a vengeance demon after Oz left her. She declines, but D'Hoffryn leaves his talisman (a tool to summon him) in case she changes her mind.

In season six, D'Hoffryn is a guest at the failed wedding of Anya and Xander. When Xander leaves Anya at the altar, D'Hoffryn reinstates her powers and once again makes her a vengeance demon.

Anya's second stint as a vengeance demon in season seven proves short-lived, and during a confrontation between Anya and Buffy, Willow summons D'Hoffryn to help put a stop to the fighting. D'Hoffryn asks Anya what she wants, and she says that she wants to reverse the vengeance she had done. D'Hoffryn grants her wish, telling her that it'll require the sacrifice of a vengeance demon's body and soul. Believing she is about to die, Anya is resigned to her fate only to watch helplessly as D'Hoffryn summons her friend Halfrek and incinerates her. D'Hoffryn then leaves, disgusted with Anya.

In Season 7 of Buffy D'Hoffryn sends at least two demons to kill Anya, but they are both thwarted by Buffy and Spike, respectively.

Appearances Edit

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