Cromartie headshot

Garret Dillahunt as Cromartie

Cromartie is a fictional cyborg character in the American science fiction television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a television spin-off of the Terminator series of films. In the pilot episode, he is portrayed by actor Owain Yeoman; however, actor Garret Dillahunt subsequently portrays the character thereafter, and is elevated from a recurring character to a series regular in the show's second season.

Within the series, Cromartie is one of many cyborg Terminator assassins sent back in time to kill future hero John Connor. In The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Cromartie is an ongoing antagonist for the series' protagonists. He is envisioned as a T-888 model of Terminator: a slightly more advanced model than the eponymous Terminator portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film series.


"I like him. They're really not bad guys - they're doing their job. He has no hate in him. He's like: 'Look, it's my job, sorry... Gotta snap your neck.' "
- Garret Dillahunt.

Cromartie is an advanced infiltration unit and therefore possesses the ability to mimic human behavior (this function suggests that the T-888s are allowed to learn instead of "Read-only"). Unlike Vick Chamberlain, however, Cromartie has little interaction with people and therefore displays basic human behavior without a sense of personality. This is best displayed when Mary Buoy asks him: "Is that your real name, like Madonna?" to which he answers "Madonna, why? No", not knowing that he is being teased. His conversation with Charley Dixon in Template:105 also annotates this. He does, however, display rational (and possibly merciful) behavior when confronted by threats.

In the Pilot (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles episode)|pilot]], he spares the students' lives instead of removing them as witnesses (comically quipping "Class dismissed") and later ignores a stunned SWAT team despite them being armed with machine guns. In "What He Beheld", Cromartie holds Agent Ellison at gunpoint but decides to spare him for unknown reasons. These acts of mercy are countered on many occasions when he unnecessarily murders several people; e.g. the garbage man who recovers his skull, the scientist who regrows his skin, the plastic surgeon, and the desk officer who refuses to help him search the school database for John Connor.

Despite his faults as an incapable human infiltrator, Cromartie is a relentless assassin, and will pursue his target (John Connor) at all costs, even going to such lengths as countering Skynet's own wishes. This is evident is in "Brothers of Nablus", when he terminates a T-888 sent to kill and replace Agent Ellison. Though Ellison had been targeted for termination (for unknown reasons), Cromartie saves his life because, he says, "You will lead me to the Connors". This event, and the events in "What He Beheld suggest the possibility that Cromartie is capable of independent thought, and could potentially be a danger to Skynet. His deadly demeanor is also evident in "Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today", when he eliminates the officers of a Mexican Police Station; an act that could only be described as an homage to the Terminator's assault on the LAPD station in the original movie.

Cromartie also appears to possess a very limited emotional range. In "Brothers of Nablus", Cromartie displays annoyance and frustration towards Jody to the point of comically booting her from his car and leaving her in the street. He also shows mild shock and perhaps even fear during his termination in "Mr. Fergusion is Ill Today". Cromartie has also been shown to possess a dry sense of humour and often makes witty remarks for no apparent reason.

Season OneEdit

Cromartie HUD

Cromartie terminates Mr. Ferguson

Original Cromartie

Cromartie (damaged)

Cromartie plasma shot

Cromartie takes a plasma shot from Sarah Connor

Cromartie new skin

Cromartie obtains new skin

The T-888 first appeared as a replacement for John's science teacher, Mr. Ferguson, in the guise of a substitute teacher called Mr. Cromartie at Crest View High School in New Mexico. While taking attendance in a class including John Connor and Cameron Phillips, Cromartie identified Connor. He cuts open the flesh covering his leg in order to get at a hidden pistol and shoots at John. Unknown to Cromartie, however, Cameron is also a terminator sent back from the future, and she shields John from the bullets with her body. John escapes the classroom, but Cromartie tries again to kill him in the school's parking lot. Cameron is able to prevent that assassination as well by running over Cromartie with a car.

Cromartie then tracks down the Connors at their home, and holds Sarah at gunpoint. Cameron poses as John, prompting Cromartie to shoot her. The two then engage in a brutal battle with Cameron finally stunning Cromartie with an electrical cable. The Connors, with Cameron in tow, escape. Cromartie then reboots 120 seconds later, and resumes his pursuit.

Cromartie chased John, Cameron, and Sarah Connor for several days, eventually finding them at the Security Trust of Los Angeles bank where they are breaking into a vault. Just as Cromartie was about to break down the vault door, the trio used a stashed time machine to travel to 2007. Just prior to chronoportation, Sarah blasted Cromartie with a plasma weapon which reduced him to fragments, with his head being transported into the future. After arriving in the future, Cromartie's CPU communicated with the rest of its body which was stored in a junkyard (evidently recovered from the destroyed bank back in 1999). The headless body killed the junkyard's attendant and beheaded him, proceeding to wear his victim's lifeless head until he reunited with his original skull.

Cromartie was able to find a scientist, Dr. Fleming who was willing to make living tissue to cover his body (Cromartie took his eyes to cover his mechanical ones and killed him) and also underwent plastic surgery from Dr. David Lyman to resemble George Laszlo, an unemployed B-Movie actor. Once he recovered from this regeneration, he took on the identity of FBI agent Robert Kester and used this disguise to try and track down John Connor. He has yet to make direct contact with Sarah, John or Cameron in 2007, although he did visit Sarah's former fiancé, Charley Dixon, to ask him questions about Sarah. Cameron recruited one of John's classmates (a student who is passing out fliers) to play decoy in order to throw Cromartie off of John's trail when he visits their school. The ploy was successful, and Cromartie leaves the school; convinced that John Connor did not attend the school.

"Kester" was eventually tracked down by Agent James Ellison, who was put in charge of an FBI strike team in order to apprehend him. In the season one finale, Template:109, Ellison led an assault on "Agent Kester's" hiding place; the home of George Laszlo. 20 or so fully armored and heavily armed FBI agents (including Agent Greta Simpson) infiltrated the apartment complex. The assault was unsuccessful: Cromartie himself suffered only moderate damage to his skin in the process, but managed to kill the entire FBI team; with the exception of Agent Ellison, whom Cromartie spared as an asset in tracking Sarah Connor.

Season Two Edit

Following the massacre, Cromartie disappeared. Ellison was able to convince the authorities that the real George Laszlo, whose body Cromartie had kept in the apartment, had been the one responsible for the deaths of the FBI agent. When Laszlo's body was wheeled out of the apartment complex, Agent Ellison, in the presence of Charley Dixon, apologized to Laszlo's body for having to take the fall.

Cromartie is met once again by Agent Ellison. Ellison announces that he refuses to help him locate Sarah Connor, while Cromartie's reply is a wry "We'll see."

Days later, Cromartie made an expected rendezvous with Charley Dixon and his wife who were stopping to gas up their car. Cromartie stole the vehicle while Charley was trying to buy a soda from a dispenser, taking his wife to an abandoned house and wiring her to a non-explosive trap. This ruse would serve to distract her rescuers from the real bomb which was wired to the cell tower outside the house. Before destroying the tower, Cromartie used a tapper to listen in on Sarah and John's cell phone calls, successfully intercepting the code they used to talk back and forth to each other.

After destroying the tower, Cromartie contacted John, using Sarah's code and imitating her voice, telling him to meet up at the Santa Monica Pier. At the pier, Cromartie pursued John to a dead end of the pier where John jumped off into the water. Cromartie followed, grabbing John by his jacket, attempting to drag him to the bottom of the water, but John slipped off the jacket, swimming to the surface while Cromartie sank to the bottom, eyes visibly glowing as he sank into the dark depths.

Later, Cromartie is seen walking up from the shore, drenched, but with no visible damage to his systems.

Cromartie's last stand

Cromartie, guns akimbo, makes his final stand

Cromartie's termination

Cromartie is terminated

In "Brothers of Nablus", Cromartie makes his presence known by terminating a T-888 sent to replicate James Ellison. He then "teams up" with Jody at a homeless shelter (while showing a photo of Cameron) to find the Connors. Cromartie comes dangerously close to John Connor in a grocery store, but is distracted by Jody's actions; causing him to look towards her while John walks by, out of his view. Later in the episode, he becomes frustrated by Jody's accusations that he is a stalker and comically "ejects" her from his car. When she lands, she yells "FREAK!" and he drives away.

Cromartie then finds the Connors' actual residence through a conversation with Kacy Cotton and pays a visit. He is thwarted by Riley Dawson's tactics, but manages to enter the house. He is unsuccessful, however, and does not see John hiding in the shadows (shotgun-ready). He then leaves, undaunted, quipping the usual "Thank you for your time".

In "Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today", Cromartie shows up again at the Connors' hideout, attacking Sarah and demanding John's whereabouts. Sensing that Sarah doesn't actually know where John is, Cromartie kidnaps her, putting her in the trunk of his car while he drives to the Mexican police station where John is being incarcerated. After massacring every police officer in the station, Cromartie briefly pursues John, who is escaping with James Ellison and Riley in his car.

Later, Cromartie returns to the police station to pick up more ammo for his guns. He is then lured into a church by Ellison, who tells him "all things are possible to him who believes." He is then sniped by Derek, and continuously fired upon by he and Sarah. Cromartie, wielding a 9mm and an HK-5, fires back at both of them. Cameron then appears behind him, wielding a Remington 870p combat shotgun, and fires into his head repeatedly. Her shots, as expected, are accurate and effectively disable Cromartie to the point of collapse. Disabled and at the mercy of his aggressors, the Connors, Agent Ellison, and Derek Reese gather around his body. John himself then approaches and fires a final shot into his head; taking him offline.

After terminationEdit

Following the ambush, Sarah, John, Cameron and Derek bury Cromartie, and Sarah smashes his main CPU. However, in "Complications", it is revealed that James Ellison had dug up his body and turned it over to Catherine Weaver for analysis. In "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point", it was revealed that Project Babylon was utilizing Cromartie's endoskeleton and processors. It was operating under the name John Henry.

Notes Edit

  • Cromartie is the first endoskeleton-based Terminator in the films or TV series that actually speaks when he has been stripped of living tissue.
  • The origin of the name Cromartie is unknown and there is no indication that the Terminator himself refers to himself by this name other than as an alias when he is disguised as a substitute teacher (presumably if there was a real Mr. Cromartie, the T-888 may have killed him and taken his identity). Since this is the only name they have to use, John, Sarah and Cameron continue to refer to the T-888 as Cromartie. (Similarly, John had earlier dubbed the T-800 that had protected him in Terminator 2 "Uncle Bob".)
  • Cromartie was the first T-888 to be sent back in the course of the events of TSCC. Multiple additional time travelling missions, past, present, and future are constantly being revealed as the series progresses.
  • Cromartie is the first non mimetic polyalloy type terminator to successfully change his appearance.
  • Though Cromartie is seen wielding many weapons (both melee and missile), he seems to "prefer" 9mm guns. He is frequently shown carrying a Glock 17 and HK-5.

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