General Brigadier Kidor is a fictional character from the telenovela Os Mutantes - Caminhos do Coração. He is a alien high-class officer from the Reptilian Army. His personality, behavior and appearance seen to be inspired in the Star Wars villain Darth Vader.


Kidor, like all other reptilians, is individualist and selfish act by his own desires and is prone to betray any human ally except his own kind. He is plerpexed by humankind's emotion of attachment and loyalty to loved one.


Kidor appear as a Juli's guest at her lab in the Arraial Island leading a army to devastate Aghartha kingdom. When the League of the Well tried to save Mary Mayer he ordered his men to kill the intruders however they have underestimated their powers for believing to attack at great numbers. Kidor engaged at a hand to hand combat with Aristotle who wind up winning by kicking Kidor in his cubes. Kidor becomes very upset over the victory of the League of Well and now is planning a invasion to the Agartha Kingdom.

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