Clara Cluck in the Disney Short Mickey's Grand Opera (1936)

Clara Cluck is a character made by The Walt Disney Company in 1934 when she debuted in the Mickey Mouse cartoon Orphan's Benefit. Since then she has appeared as a semi regular character in the Mickey Mouse cartoons. In the comic books she is shown in The Donald Duck/Scrooge McDuck Universe as Daisy Duck's best friend. Clara has been a member of Mickey's original farmyard gang since the beginning of his career, although she is seen less often than Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar.

It is possible that Clara Cluck played the title role in The Wise Little Hen (June 9, 1934), as both characters were voiced by the same person, Florence Gill. And there is more than just a passing physical resemblance. However, by the time she made her big debut in the first "Orphan's Benefit" she had changed into an over-sized operatic diva; a role that she would continue in until the end. Her last major appearance was as one of the musicians in Symphony Hour. Curiously, although she is seen in the rehearsal scenes at the beginning, she is not seen in the performance scenes at the end.

As with most Disney characters, she was given small cameos in "Mickey's Christmas Carol" (1983) and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1988). She had some appearances in Mickey Mouse Works (1999), where she is presented as Daisy Duck's neighbor. She appeared occasionally in House of Mouse (2001). In one episode of that series she fell in love with Donald Duck and aggresively pursued him, wearing dresses and posing provocatively to lure him in. At one point she even grabs Donald and kisses him full on the lips. She almost tricked Donald into marrying her but Daisy stopped the wedding in time. In Disney comics on the other hand, she has been shown to date Gus Goose on very few occasions.

Clara made a cameo appearance in the Timeless River world of Kingdom Hearts II with many other classic Disney characters like Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar as one of the world's citizens. She also makes an appearance in the Mickey's Boo to You Parade and for rare meet and greets at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Classic cartoon appearances Edit

  1. 1933 - Mickey's Mellerdrammer
  2. 1934 - Orphan's Benefit (1934 version)
  3. 1936 - Mickey's Grand Opera
  4. 1937 - Mickey's Amateurs
  5. 1938 - The Fox Hunt
  6. 1941 - Orphan's Benefit (1941 version)
  7. 1942 - Mickey's Birthday Party
  8. 1942 - Symphony Hour
  9. 1983 - Mickey's Christmas Carol
  10. 1988 - Who Framed Roger Rabbit