Cover to Cinnamon: El Ciclo #1 (October 2003). Art by Howard Chaykin

Cinnamon is the name of two Western characters in DC Comics, one inhabiting the wild west, the other living in the modern era. The character first appeared in Weird Western Tales #48 (September-October 1978). The script was written by Roger McKenzie, with artwork by Dick Ayers (pencils) and Danny Bulanadi (inks).

Fictional character biographyEdit

Cinnamon is really Katherine "Kate" Manser, the daughter of a sheriff in a small Western town. After her father is killed by bank robbers, she is sent to an orphanage, where she secretly trains herself in gunfighting. Upon leaving the orphange, she becomes a bounty hunter in order to search for her father's killers. As well as being a crack shot, Cinnamon uses her father's sheriff badge as a shuriken.

In the third series of Hawkman, it is revealed that Cinnamon is a reincarnation of the Egyptian princess Chay-Ara. As such, she becomes the lover of Prince Khufu's reincarnation, the hero Nighthawk. When Cinnamon is assaulted by the burglar "Gentleman Jim" Craddock, Nighthawk hangs him up, thereby tying his destiny to theirs. Cinnamon, along with Nighthawk, is killed by Matilda Dunney Roderic, presumably the latest incarnation of their eternal enemy Hath-Set.[1]

A billboard in Wonder Woman #175 (which featured as many of DC's heroines as possible) advertises a musical entitled Cinnamon Get Your Gun, parodying Annie Get Your Gun.

Modern CinnamonEdit

A modern-day version of the character is introduced in the miniseries Cinnamon: El Ciclo (2003), named by her parents after the historical gunslinger Cinnamon. Like the original, her father is a sheriff who is shot by bank robbers, leading her to seek revenge on the killers and become a bounty hunter.[2]

She is seen in the Infinite Crisis special Villains United being contacted by J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter. She is one of many recruited to fight various supervillain prison escapes. One page later, she is seen lying on the ground, unconscious, with a cut on her forehead.

Cinnamon does not appear again until Checkmate #24, where she is revealed as one of the organization's "Rooks."

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