Portrayed by Marcus Testory
Born pre-1200 BC
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Caspian is a fictional character from Highlander: The Series, portrayed by actor Marcus Testory. Caspian represents famine, as one of the Four Horsemen.


Bronze AgeEdit

An immortal, Caspian was born sometime in the 13th century BC. He was a member of the Four Horsemen, a group of mounted riders who terrorized, killed, and burned villages in two continents during the Bronze Age. He and fellow member Silas were always fighting. When they raided the village where Cassandra lived, Caspian and Silas fought over a blanket. Kronos, the leader of the Four Horsemen, ended up splitting the blanket so they could each have part of it.


Centuries after his stint in the Four Horsemen, Caspian, under the alias Evan Caspari became a serial killer in Romania, keeping body parts in his refrigerator. Caspian was arrested and sent to an asylum for the criminally insane in Bucharest, Romania. Years later, in November 1996, Kronos attempted to reunite the Four Horsemen. Kronos, Methos, and Silas visited the asylum, where Kronos bribed the doctor to see Caspian. Caspian killed the doctor and so the Four Horsemen reunited. They went to an abandoned submarine base in Bordeaux, France where they hid out. Kronos lays out his plan to rule the world, but Caspian is more anxious to kill.

A couple of days later, the Horsemen capture Cassandra from the hotel where she and Duncan MacLeod were staying while Duncan was visiting Methos on holy ground. Caspian and Silas, sent by Kronos to kill him, end up fighting MacLeod on a bridge. Caspian is killed, and before Silas can exact revenge, MacLeod escapes, jumping off the bridge while receiving the Quickening.


Episodes - "Comes a Horseman", "Revelation 6:8"

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