Cameron Phillips

Summer Glau as Cameron

Cameron is a fictional character on the FOX television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which is a spin-off of the Terminator film franchise. Cameron first appeared in the series' pilot episode as an unknown model of Terminator — a fictional type of cyborg envisioned as a soldier and assassin. She is portrayed by actress Summer Glau who, in 2008, won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television for her performance.[1]

Although canonically referred to as Cameron Phillips, she used that surname only in the pilot episode. Since then, she generally poses as John Connor's sister and, accordingly, uses the same false surname used by the Connors at any given time. In the second season, that name is Baum, an homage to L. Frank Baum, whose novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Sarah used to read to John when he was a young boy.

Cameron is from the apocalyptic future described in the timeline of the Terminator universe, in which a computer system, Skynet, launches a nuclear holocaust and wages war against a rebellion led by John Connor. In the pilot, Cameron is sent from her time to 1999 to time travel with John and his mother, Sarah, to 2007 and stop Skynet's creation. Cameron's role is that of John's guardian, much like Arnold Schwarzenegger's characters in the second and third Terminator films.


"Thank you for explaining."
- Cameron.

Although Cameron was capable of pretending to be a human when approaching John in the pilot episode, befriending John and even flirting, she no longer displays this behavior. Since Cromartie's attack on John in the pilot episode, she has remained relatively emotionless and has thus far proved to have poor social skills when she and John return to school in the third episode. This regression of abilities is explained as her "mission" in Template:101 was to acquire and ingratiate herself with John, having done so the majority of her time is spent as a protector, and her "girlishness" is an extraneous factor.[2]

She has been shown mimicking the behavior of others, such as the Latina lookout from the second episode, providing a baseline for her current behavior. This is also shown in the fifth episode when she impersonates the voice of a distressed student she met just prior to the girl committing suicide. Cameron's initial interactions with John were part of a program designed specifically to get close to him. Therefore, once her identity was revealed, she was no longer required to follow the program and reverted back to her base settings.

Cameron ballet

Cameron practices ballet

Cameron smile

Cameron displays human behavior

When John comments on the differences between her behaviors at different points, she replies, "I fooled you."103 At times she also displays awkward humor, such as in the fifth episode when she and John are entering a vehicle driven by Sarah. John, wanting to ride in the front passenger seat, calls out "I call shotgun," to which Cameron responds, "I call nine-millimeter." In the episode "The Demon Hand," despite both Sarah and Derek's insistence that she is only a soulless machine, Cameron is shown performing a complex ballet dance for no apparent reason.

Despite her display of human characteristics, Cameron remains a machine following programming, and as such often displays behavior that would be considered cold-blooded or callous in humans, such as her killing of Enrique Salceda in Template:102, in Template:107 allowing Dmitri Shipkov and his sister, Maria, to be murdered (it is implied that since she had no instructions to either kill or protect the two, she did nothing), in Template:103 she prevents John from preventing a girl from committing suicide, and in Template:109 she kills and stuffs the false Sarkissian's goon in the trunk of his Mercedes to protect John.

Sarah Connor is shown on several occasions having to order Cameron not to kill people and reprimanding her when she commits acts of violence.102 There have been, however, moments in which Cameron has shown signs that she may be learning the value of human life; in Template:108, she senses that she has offended Sarah when she refers to a murder victim as being just "bones and meat" and in Template:109 she chooses not to kill Carlos' girlfriend.

Cameron is often called "Tin-Miss", referencing the Tin-Man from L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz.102/105 The Tin-Man's journey to find a heart reflects Cameron's growing understanding, and emulation, of what it means to be human. At the conclusion of Baum's story the Tin-Man discovers that he had a heart all along, from Cameron's point of view this might suggest that she is already capable of being human but has yet to discover this fact.

When someone explains something to Cameron that she is unfamiliar with, such as mourning one's death, the human imagination, or phrases that don't take their literal meaning, she responds with "Thank you for explaining."100 Another aspect of Cameron's personality that has yet to be explored is her apparent fashion sense, as she is seen in a wide range of outfits during the series (as opposed to most previous terminators who generally wore a single outfit).100

As a result of the car bomb, Cameron has suffered extensive damage, resulting in compromising the chip integrity leading to "glitches" in her personality that make her unpredictable and dangerous. During the brief reversion to her Skynet settings, Cameron demonstrates her near-perfect mimicry of human behavior by tearfully begging John not to remove her chip, even going so far as to say that she loves him. Though it is likely that this was just a ploy to deceive John, it is not a stretch to consider that Cameron was genuinely concerned for her own well-being.201 Cameron also appears to have adopted her Template:101 demeanor as she is seen to be more in touch with her human characteristics after the events in Template:201, bringing her full circle.202

Although Cameron probably just rebooted normally the second time after the explosion and so her reprogramming is loaded correctly, she may have made the conscious decision to not kill John, despite the demands of her Skynet programming. John is unable to repair her chip in any fashion, which rules out the possibility of outside interference. For Cameron to be able to override her own pre-programmed settings, it would show that she is quite possibly above any restriction enforced upon her and that it is her desire to protect John.

Another interesting observation is that Cameron appears to be developing a sense of pride in her accomplishments. This is seen most predominantly during the "pool scene" in Template:202, after which she smiles with smug satisfaction at having won a $50 bet. This can also be seen during her and Sarah's initiation into the Seranno Point nuclear power plant, wherein it is implied that Cameron hacked the employee database and created two vacancies for herself and Sarah. When the personnel manager comments on this, Cameron smiles faintly.202

Cameron has also started to demonstrate dissatisfaction with her recent duties, which have included menial tasks such as grocery shopping, something that makes very little use of her skills. Her mild annoyance is often expressed towards John, as she gives him several looks of aggravation when he treats her as subservient.203/204

When she loses her memory in Template:204, Cameron demonstrates that she is capable of appearing to show genuine emotion as she is seen crying when talking to the social worker, anger towards John when he tries to remind her of what she is, and multiple instances of joy while in Jody's company. She also displays fear when confronted by a man who threatens to assault her and Jody, resulting in Cameron begging him not to and giving him a stack of money. As her machine side starts to resurface, it becomes apparent that Cameron's ability to express emotions is controlled by her programming.

Due to her parroting nature, Cameron seems to base her personality on those around her, taking aspects from various subjects and combining them to create her own unique persona. Another interesting observation is Cameron's overall demeanor as influenced by her current mission. When she was programmed to protect John, Cameron was more inclined to emulate positive behavior and emotions; an example being her habit of reassuring others, be it John or an upset student. On the flip side, when programmed to terminate John; Cameron is more devious and manipulative, displaying negative behavior and emotions, including anger and even slight sadism. After overriding her directive to kill him, however, Cameron seems to be developing a balance between the two personas.

Since suffering damage to her chip, Cameron appears to be contemplating suicide (self-termination). In Template:202 she asks Sarah if she is going to explode one day, which she later references in Template:211, likening her faulty chip to a bomb waiting to go off. She asks her friend at the library, Eric, if he has ever considered suicide, revealing that she may be considering it due to her chip damage. In Template:206 Cameron tries to remove the chip from a modified Terminator, only for it to self-destruct upon removal. She is later seen examining the chip whilst reading a leaflet for suicide prevention. It has been confirmed that Cameron will find a way to deal with the damage to her chip towards the end of the season, though how she intends to accomplish this is another question. Cameron may also be considering suicide to prevent her from going "bad" again and harming John, something she is shown to be strongly opposed to (despite the fact that she technically shouldn't care).


Post Judgment DayEdit

Cameron was created by Skynet at a U.S. military base containing the blast doors for Depot 37 after Judgment Day. Her appearance was based off a Resistance fighter, Allison Young whom Cameron interrogated and later terminated while searching for information on the location of the hidden rebel base. She hoped to get close to Connor and fulfill her main directive for his termination.

Cameron & Allison

Cameron interrogates Allison

"You shouldn't have run... You're just making things worse for yourself."
- Cameron. [[Template:204|Template:204]]

During the interrogation, Cameron kept Allison blinded with a strong light so that she wouldn't see the interrogator and spoke with an uncallibrated voice. This may imply that Cameron was without an infiltration sheath during this period, Allison having only recently been captured. She asked Allison personal questions about her life before Judgment Day, learning the girl's birthday and home town. Through further probing, Cameron learned about Allison's parents and enquired about a bracelet on Allison's left arm. Allison told her that it was a gift from her sister, who died along with her parents on Judgment Day.

After a failed escape attempt by Allison, Cameron shows herself for the first time, shocking Allison with her new skin, which is identical to Allison in every way and begins mimicking her voice. Cameron tells her that she and other machines share a desire to end the war peacefully and claims that Allison was chosen because of her bravery and her personal relationship with John. She tells her that she admires John and wants to meet him, but Allison remains tight-lipped about his location. She eventually cracks, however, and tells Cameron what she wants to know, but Cameron discovers that other members of the Resistance carried the exact same bracelets as Allison's and deduces that they are passes for his camp.

With this revelation, Cameron realizes that had she tried to infiltrate the camp without the pass, her mission would've failed from the outset. This causes Cameron to determine Allison's usefulness is at an end, as she grabs Allison by the throat and holds her aloft. Allison declares that she will never betray John Connor and Cameron replies by snapping her neck, stating that she already has. Cameron then takes Allison's bracelet, as it is her key to finding and assassinating John. How her mission fared has yet to be seen, though it is obvious that she somehow failed to complete her primary objective.

"We got a red alert! Get emergency response! Go get her now!"
- Resistance Soldier. [[Template:106|Template:106]]

Cameron bunker

Cameron in Resistance Bunker

In 2027 a group of Resistance fighters were captured and taken to an old house, wherein the prisoners were led one-by-one into the basement. What occured in this basement has not been revealed, but Cameron's presence [3] is strongly implied due to the Chopin's Nocturne that was playing in the room whenever a prisoner was led down there (Allison having confessed that her mother loved listening to Chopin). The fighters were tortured or interrogated in some manner, though it remains unclear as to what the terminators were after, and Derek Reese committed her face to memory. [4]

Cameron's capture and reprogramming by the Resistance for their use is as yet undocumented. One of the soldiers, Derek Reese, first thought that she was an infiltrator until informed otherwise. Cameron's role within Depot 2, the base to which she was assigned, appeared to be general security and threat deterrence. When a reprogrammed Terminator reverted back to its original Skynet programming, Cameron was called upon to dispose of it, saving Derek’s life in the process. She then informed him of the reversion phenomenon, offering no explanation as to how and why it occurs.

Cameron was also selected for an unknown number of time travel operations, one of which may have included a mission as early as 1963 to open a safety deposit box in an L.A. bank; or so she claims [5]. She may even have returned to the future upon completing said mission. Cameron was later assigned her current mission and sent back to 1999. Her mission: to protect John Connor's younger self and to ensure the survival of his mother, Sarah Connor.

Season OneEdit

Cameron pilot

Cameron befriends John

"Come with me if you want to live!"
- Cameron. [[Template:101|Template:101]]

Upon arriving in 1999, Cameron began her 73-day search for John and his mother, eventually tracking them to New Mexico. She infiltrated John’s high school, posing as a student, and initially ingratiating herself with him as a classmate friend (using the alias Cameron Phillips). Cameron approached John in an inquisitive and slightly flirtatious manner, giving the subtle impression of romantic intent. John was not overly compliant though, and rejected her offer to get together after school. The next day, however, John confided in Cameron about the death of his father and confessed to lying to her before. Cameron promised to keep his secret, starting what could have been a close friendship, had fate not intervened.

Cameron school record

Cameron's high school profile

A substitute teacher by the name of Cromartie arrived to take their class and began calling out the students’ names, eventually reaching Cameron’s. She did not answer at first and regarded Cromartie with suspicion, possibly aware of his true agenda. Upon identifying John, Cromartie drew a concealed gun and tried to assassinate the youth, but Cameron dutifully shielded him and was temporarily stunned by multiple shots to her upper body. She quickly recovered, however, and once again thwarted Cromartie by running him down with a truck and driving John to safety.

Cameron then took John back to his home where Sarah was supposedly waiting for him. Sensing a trap, she disguised herself as John and cautiously entered the house, only to be “killed” by Cromartie, who’d taken Sarah hostage. As Cromartie checked “the body”, Cameron kicked him aside and proceeded to slam the T-888 through several walls and eventually crashing through the floor and into the basement. Here she disabled Cromartie with an exposed electrical wire before catching up with the Connors, who were in the process of fleeing in the stolen truck.

They later stopped overnight in an abandoned warehouse in the desert, allowing Cameron the opportunity to tend to her wounds and remove half a dozen bullets from her body. While getting changed, Cameron informed Sarah of the new date for the apocalypse and revealed that Charley Dixon, Sarah’s fiancé had reported their disappearance to the police.

The following evening, Cameron, Sarah, and John visited Tarissa Dyson for information regarding Cyberdyne and her late husband’s work on Skynet. This proved to be a dead end, however, and almost led to them being caught by Cromartie. Luckily, Cameron was able to use a car bomb to deter the Triple-8, thus allowing them to escape more-or-less unharmed. Once they reached a safe location, Cameron stitched up Sarah’s shoulder injury, offering her some ice to numb the pain.

Cameron inspection

Cameron inspects her injuries

The next day, Cameron took John and Sarah to a bank in the city of Los Angeles. Once inside, Cameron stole the security guard’s gun and demanded the clerk to hand over the keys to the safety deposit boxes. She then had all three of them locked inside the vault, a decision which confused both John and Sarah. Cameron’s plan became clear, however, as she unlocked several boxes containing pieces of an anti-Terminator weapon. While assembling the weapon, Cameron detected Cromartie’s proximity and advised John to stay away from the vault door as the Triple-8 began dismantling it from the outside.

Once the weapon was fully assembled, Cameron gave it to Sarah and opened another set of boxes, revealing a TDE interface, which the Engineer who built this place to allow any Resistance fighter to return home. Sarah initially opposed Cameron's apparent scheme but decided to go through with it when Cameron explained that doing so would give them the opportunity to kill Skynet before it's born. Cameron set the TDE for the year 2007 and activated it just as Cromartie smashed his way into the vault. Sarah used the weapon to blow Cromartie's head off as the time sphere engulfed her, Cameron, and John.

All three of them arrived naked on a highway built over the bank’s location. While John and Sarah were embarrassed by their predicament, Cameron was unfazed and led the Connors off the road and onto a construction yard, revealing to them the current date. She then assaulted a group of drunken youths, who tried to accost her, and stole their clothes for her and the Connors. Once fully dressed, Cameron assured John that he was safe now, though both he and Sarah opposed this assumption. Cameron then stole the youths’ car and drove them into the city where they were able to acquire a house and begin to settle into a normal life.[6]

Cameron scan

Cameron is scanned by a T-888

"He sent us here to fight. You're the best fighter he knows... The best."
- Cameron. [[Template:102|Template:102]]

Three days later, while searching for a supplier of fake IDs, Cameron divulged her knowledge of a group of Resistance fighters who could help them acquire what they need. Though angry that she had neglected to mention this before, Sarah followed Cameron to the fighters’ safe house. They arrived to find three of the four fighters dead, however, and upon inspecting the fourth body, Cameron discovered it to be a dormant T-888 and was immediately attacked. During the ensuing fight, the Triple-8 scans Cameron but is unable to identify her model and, after a brief chase, Cameron is hit by a car, allowing him time to escape.

Sarah later berates Cameron for lying about their safety, stating that, had they not travelled forward in time, she would’ve had an additional eight years to train her son. Cameron negates this possibility, revealing that Sarah would’ve died of cancer in 2005 had they not jumped forward. While John patches up her injuries, Cameron informs him and Sarah that many more Terminators are likely to be walking around the city, but none of them know what John looks like, thereby granting him a measure of anonymity.

Upon John’s insistence, Cameron and Sarah visit Enrique Salceda, an old friend of the Connors, with the hope of acquiring fake IDs from him. Though now retired, Enrique points them towards his nephew, Carlos, and comments on Cameron’s tacit demeanour, causing her to laugh sardonically. At Carlos' house, Cameron is met with hostility by his guard dogs and is told to wait outside by Sarah. She stands by the car and is approached by Chola, Carlos’ lookout, who, after sizing her up, leans against the car. Cameron studies the girl’s behaviour for a moment before mimicking her actions and lounging against the bonnet.

While Sarah negotiates with Carlos, a cop who suspects Cameron of hiding drugs in the car confronts Cameron and Chola. When the cop mentions calling in the license plate, Cameron registers him as a threat and would’ve killed him were it not for Sarah’s timely intervention. They abandon the stolen car and begin the long walk home, during which Cameron reveals that she only takes orders from the John she knows in the future.

Cameron kills Enrique

Cameron terminates Enrique

Upon returning home, Cameron takes note of John’s shifty behaviour and performs a biomarker scan by stroking the back of his neck, an act he believes to be a sign of affection. Due to Carlos' asking price of $20,000 for new IDs, Cameron, Sarah, and John return to the apartment where they discover a safe hidden behind a "Hang in there, baby" kitten poster. Cameron attempts to forcibly open the safe but is struck by an electrical trap, rendering her offline for 120 seconds, during which John guesses the safe's combination and empties its contents. Cameron reboots to find herself on the roof of a car in an alley several stories below the apartment, Sarah having thrown her out of the window, and joins the Connors as they flee the scene.

At home, while perusing the guns from the safe, her curiosity is peaked by a bag of diamonds that John discovers. He gives her one as a present, stating that "diamonds are a girl's best friend". Cameron visits Sarah in her room and offers her a diamond in turn, asking for clarification on John’s statement. When Sarah fails to elaborate, Cameron comments on her previous "Tin-Man" reference, informing her of how future John used to talk about how Sarah used to read him "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" in Spanish when he was little.

Later that night, Cameron and Sarah revisit Carlos and are able to buy their new IDs, during which Cameron allows Chola to give her a makeover. However, while leaving, they both overhear Carlos speaking in Spanish to his crew; referring to his uncle as “a ratter”. Cameron later follows Sarah to Enrique’s house and guns him down, suspecting him of selling them out to the authorities. Sarah is horrified by Cameron’s actions and slaps her across the face with the butt of her gun, stating that they couldn’t know for sure if Enrique was guilty or not. They then leave as the sound of police sirens near.

The next day, Cameron tests John’s knowledge of his new alias and background, reminding him that his father was a cop killed while arresting a suspect. She and John later enroll at Campo de Cahuenga High School as brother and sister, taking the surname Baum after the novelist L. Frank Baum.[7]

Cameron underwear

Cameron displays a lack of modesty

Cameron make-up

Cameron at school

"Freak. Weirdo. Kook. Oddball. Crackpot. Strange duck. Queer potato. Nut. I've been reading the dictionary. I don't sleep."
- Cameron. [[Template:103|Template:103]]

In an act of apparent naivety, Cameron patrols the Connor residence one morning wearing only her underwear, which makes John slightly uncomfortable. She later gets fully dressed, however, and begins applying eyeliner as John enters the kitchen. He compliments Cameron on her proficiency with make-up and finds that she has saved him the trouble of preparing his breakfast. Sarah enters moments later and reminds Cameron to remain clothed while in public and warns her not to kiss anyone at school after Cameron tries to copy John’s goodbye.

At school, John tries to get Cameron to act more like his sister and less like a bodyguard, telling her that she won’t fool anyone if she doesn't learn to blend in. Cameron encounters a problem when passing through the metal detectors, her endoskeleton constantly setting them off. John steps in and tells the security guard that she has a metal plate in her head and, after scanning her cranium, the guard lets them go. Cameron later transfers into John’s chemistry class and hovers over him until he tells her to stop acting like a "freak" and sit down.

When they return home, Cameron cleans their weapons arsenal while John and Sarah discuss Andrew Goode, a potential Skynet progenitor. She casually asks Sarah if she will kill him, prompting her to warn Cameron not to kill anyone until she says so. Cameron replies by joking that people die all the time and won't wait for Sarah’s permission.

At school the next day, Cameron unintentionally insults a girl when asked if she looks fat, to which Cameron answers "yes". The girl’s friend brands Cameron a "bitch-whore" and leaves behind her compact when the bell rings. Cameron hears someone crying in one of the toilet cubicles and encounters a distressed student named Jordon Cowan, who believes that her life is over due to a publicized accusation against her. Cameron tries to cheer up the girl by offering her the compact as a present, stating that it is "tight", but Jordon simply leaves without another word, confusing Cameron.

She later meets up with John and tells him about her encounter with Jordon, commenting that she has a new friend. Suddenly, a student calls out to everyone that a girl is poised to jump off the roof of the gym and Cameron and John join the mass of students outside. John tries to save the girl, revealed to be Jordon, but Cameron pins him against the railing and quotes his prior warning to not be a "freak". Jordon falls from the roof and dies, prompting Cameron to drag John away from the scene so as to avoid publicity.

John subsequently blames Cameron for not letting him help Jordon and starts treating her with disdain. When Sarah ponders on how to help John get over his guilt, Cameron simply states that Andy Goode must be killed.[8]

Cameron VCR

Cameron is baffled by the VCR

"John does these things... The John I know."
- Cameron. [[Template:104|Template:104]]

As part of her protection routine, Cameron regularly monitors the media for possible threats and learns that a shipment of refined coltan has been redirected to a port in Los Angeles. Knowing coltan to be a key element in Terminator endoskeletons, including her own, Cameron investigates further and comes to the conclusion that Cromartie may be involved. To prove her theory, she steals a video recording of their displacement on the highway and discovers that Cromartie’s skull has followed them through and is still intact.

Cameron reports this to Sarah and John, showing them the video as evidence, though she initially has trouble getting the video player to work. Cameron, Sarah, and John sneak into the port warehouse where they plan to await Cromartie’s arrival for the coltan, which was being loaded on a truck for delivery. Cromartie never arrives, however, and Cameron is forced to incapacitate an armed guard whom they initially mistook for the Triple-8. Seconds later, the truck carrying the coltan leaves the warehouse and John discovers that the men driving the truck have, in fact, incapacitated the original drivers and stolen the coltan.

They follow the truck to another warehouse and watch from a window as the men begin loading the coltan into another vehicle. John makes a snide remark about the metal’s density in relation to Cameron who, not cottoning on, explains that coltan was used in later models due to its heat resistance. They then watch as one of the men, dressed in military fatigues, effortlessly lifts a crate of coltan into the other truck. Cameron performs a scan and determines that, while the man is a Terminator, he is not Cromartie due to a conflicting height difference.

Sarah decides to abandon the mission and to leave immediately, despite John’s protests and Cameron’s admission that based upon that volume of coltan, 530 endoskeletons could be constructed in the future. John refuses to leave and sneaks into the warehouse. Sarah tries to follow but Cameron stops her from doing so, reasoning that they might get him caught. They watch as John plants his phone on the truck and is then trapped inside when the men lock up and leave.

Before they can rescue him, however, Cameron and Sarah are discovered by one of the men, whom Sarah quickly incapacitates before running after the truck which has already departed. Cameron then uses an office computer to track John’s phone over the internet but the signal fails, causing Sarah to question letting John have his way. Cameron tells her that Future John does these things, expressing her desire to see John become more active in his destiny.

Cameron coltan

Cameron disposes of the coltan

With no other options available, Sarah interrogates the worker she knocked out earlier, though he flat refuses to answer her questions. Frustrated, Sarah viciously beats the worker until Cameron makes it clear that a dead captive is useless to them. Sarah then frees the worker and tells him he can leave so long as he can get past Cameron. What she does to him remains unclear, but it is sufficient to make him drive them to the truck’s location, occasionally glancing nervously at Cameron who smiles back pleasantly.

Once he informs them of the truck’s exact location, an ex-military bunker called Depot 37; Sarah has Cameron place the worker in an active minefield. As she carefully navigates her way back to the Humvee, Cameron questions Sarah’s efficiency, which she explains as being a human flaw. They eventually reach Depot 37 and find that the coltan, along with John, has already been sealed inside the fallout shelter. Cameron reveals Depot 37 as the place that she will be built one day and posits that the Terminator is stockpiling the coltan for after Judgment Day as it is a rare alloy in the future.

Sarah suddenly receives a call from John, who tells her that the Terminator, named Carter, has locked the door and then become “frozen”. Cameron realises that Carter has entered standby mode and warns Sarah of the 15-second reboot time, who then tells John to open the doors and run. Once the doors have opened, Cameron charges in and hurls the machine across the bunker as John tries to drive the truck out of the bunker. Carter reboots and tries to prevent them from leaving but Cameron holds him off by repeatedly slamming him against the back of the truck. Carter manages to even the score, however, and uses a bar of coltan to overpower Cameron, sending her tumbling unceremoniously over several heavy barrels.

His efforts to physically push the truck back into the bunker are thwarted by Sarah, who fires a shotgun blast in his face. John then runs the machine over as Cameron steals Carter’s key and locks the bunker’s doors behind her, trapping him indefinitely. She then drives the truck towards a cliff edge, jumping out moments before it tumbles into the sea, the coltan along with it. Though it is unclear as to whether or not the Connors know; Cameron keeps a single bar of coltan, possibly in anticipation of potential damage to herself. [9]

"It could still be a threat. It could still become Skynet."
- Cameron. [[Template:105|Template:105]]
Cameron robot

Cameron is intrigued by a robot

Some time later, Cameron and John are sat at the kitchen table, doing mathematics homework. Taking note of her skill with equations, John asks her if she would like to finish his, to which she says “yes”. Sarah then informs them that Andy Goode has rebuilt the Turk, prompting Cameron to voice an “I told you so”. At school, Cameron and John visit Jordon’s memorial and she asks him why people write notes to the dead. John tells her that it is a method of expressing sadness, but she doesn’t seem to understand. After school, Cameron and John meet Sarah at a chess tournament where the Turk is set to play against a Japanese equivalent.

While amongst the robotics fair, Cameron encounters a facial recognition robot and is intrigued by it. She eventually joins Sarah and John in overseeing the chess match, which the Turk loses. Despite this, Cameron still registers the Turk as a threat and recommends its immediate destruction. The Turk is stolen, however, and Andy is found murdered by a mysterious stranger. At school the next day, Cameron and John sit down for lunch and she questions his reasons for asking her to do his homework before. John simply tells her that he finds it hard to concentrate on academics when people keep dying around him and when asked if she understands, Cameron posits that he is grieving.

Cameron disable

Cameron disables a T-888

This surprises John, who up until recently thought her incapable of understanding human emotion. Cameron admits to reading the notes left for Jordon and is then called to the school councillor’s office to discuss Jordon’s death. The councillor asks her a series of questions, one of which prompts Cameron to copy Jordon’s behaviour as a response. The councillor is slightly disturbed by her indifference to the death and continues to probe her for more information regarding the girl. Cameron quickly guesses the councillor’s invested interest in Jordon and turns his questions around on him before leaving; stating that she feels much better.

After school, Cameron spots Sarah waiting for them and informs John, meeting his new friend Morris in the process. Sarah reveals that they have a mission and John calls “shotgun”. Cameron, not understanding his meaning, calls “nine-millimetre”. They ambush a police van by having Cameron remove the drivers. Upon opening the prisoner storage area, Cameron discovers Derek Reese, who immediately tries to shoot her. She disarms him and proceeds to defend the van from a pursuing T-888, damaging its arm and removing the biological covering over its CPU port.

The Triple-8 gets the upper hand, however, and beats Cameron repeatedly before stealing her gun and aiming it at Derek. Cameron quickly recovers and hits the Triple-8 with a steel pipe, causing it to shoot Derek in the chest as opposed to his head. She then pins the T-888 to the floor and calls for John to bring her the toolbox and, with his help, removes its chip, disabling it. When they get Derek home, Cameron tries to help him but does not possess the necessary medical training to save him. As Derek slowly dies on the kitchen table, Cameron begins writing a note, though who she is writing it for has yet to be revealed.[10]

"Every component must be destroyed beyond repair or recovery. Even a single unaccounted for piece of the endoskeleton could alter the course of technological evolution, and hasten the arrival of Judgment Day."
- Cameron. [[Template:106|Template:106]]
Cameron note

Cameron writes a note

John returns home just as Derek stops breathing, having gone to retrieve Charley, who manages to revive the Resistance fighter. Derek continuously accuses Cameron of being a liar and is terrified when she tries to give him a sedative, his distress causing Sarah to order her to leave the room. Later, as John paces in the living room, Cameron offers him a sedative, which he refuses. He then asks her if she knows who Derek is on a personal level and Cameron recites his military record as well as mentioning Kyle Reese. John asks her what she knows about his father but she only provides another military account and nothing more.

While Derek's condition stabilizes, Cameron deposits the T-888’s body in the garage where she has prepared a furnace with an incendiary compound called thermite, which is hot enough to liquefy the endoskeleton. Before she does this, however, Cameron returns to the house and places a pillow under Derek’s head. When asked if she did anything to him in the future, Cameron claims to have no knowledge of anything before her reprogramming by the Resistance (they delete any memories of their Skynet servitude in order to improve the chances of a successful reprogramming), though Sarah remains unconvinced.

Cameron then removes the Triple-8’s biological covering, storing it in plastic bags, and is visited by Charley. Cameron explains to him that the T-888 must be completely destroyed to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands and bringing about the apocalypse. Charley admits to being afraid of her and abruptly leaves when she lights the thermite, her eyes glowing blue in the process. Cameron is then confronted by Sarah, who warns her not to go anywhere near Charley as well as making her promise to destroy every single bolt of the endoskeleton, but Cameron saves its CPU.[11]

Cameron cop

Cameron in cop attire

Cameron & Derek

Cameron and Derek

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."
- Cameron. [[Template:107|Template:107]]

Other than the chip, the only wayward piece of the endoskeleton that remains is its left hand, which Cameron attempts to liberate from the local police station. She acquires a policeman’s uniform and bike and disables the local power plant, plunging the city in darkness. With the local PD in disarray, Cameron has no trouble finding the correct evidence box, but discovers that the hand is missing, and takes the registry slip for future reference. Upon returning home, Cameron reports her failure to Sarah and is given the task of hunting down the Turk instead. Sarah suggests she track down Dmitri Shipkov, Andy’s partner, through his sister Maria, who teaches ballet.

Cameron enrolls in the ballet class and, aside from showing interest in the Pas De Chat dance, discovers that Maria is under pressure from Russian gangsters, who are also searching Dmitri. The next day, Sarah checks up on Cameron’s progress, but she simply answers by stating that “dance is the hidden language of the soul”, to which Derek scoffs that “first you have to have a soul”. Sarah makes Derek sit at the table to eat his pancakes, resulting in him and Cameron staring at each other intensely.

Derek eventually jokes that she must not be hungry either and Cameron replies by eating a pancake, which surprises him. Regardless, he warns her that, though she may have gained the Connors’ trust, he will never trust her. Cameron is unperturbed by his threat and states that she knows him as well as he knows her. She later returns the ballet class and watches as Maria dances. Cameron then probes her about Dmitri until the gangster arrives again and threatens to break Maria’s legs in Russian.

Cameron responds by repeating the gangster’s threat word-for-word in perfect Russian. The gangster tells her to get lost, prompting her to kick him across the room, shocking Maria. Cameron then drops her façade and demands to see Dmitri immediately with the promise of helping him. Though reluctant, Maria takes Cameron to Dmitri’s apartment where she offers him diamonds in exchange for information on the Turk.

Dmitri reveals that he was paid to steal the Turk so that he could pay back the people who got his sister into the country and gives Cameron the name of the man who bought it off of him. Her mission complete, Cameron abandoned them to their fate as several gangsters arrived and killed Dmitri and Maria. She then returned home and informed Sarah of what she’d learned before returning to her room where she, for reasons unknown, performed a complex ballet dance with Derek as a silent audience. [12]

John & Cameron hack

Cameron and John hack Vick's chip

"Set the pliers over the shielded tab on the end of the chip. A half turn counter-clockwise and pull it out... It's okay, John. It's not the first time we've done this."
- Cameron. [[Template:108|Template:108]]

Cameron is accused of treachery when Derek finds the T-888 chip in her room. She defends herself, claiming that the chip may have valuable information they can use; though this does little to convince Derek, who accuses her of leading the Triple-8 to his safe house. Cameron denies this but Derek demands she prove her innocence, so she and John visit a school friend who provides them with the equipment they need to hack into the chip.

Here she reveals that she can lie when necessary and admits to lying to John on a regular basis. In his room, Cameron teaches John how to hack into the chip and warns him not to give it too much power or else it might reactivate. By gaining access to its visual memory, they learn that the Triple-8 had assumed the identity of Vick Chamberlain, husband to Barbara Chamberlain who was working on an advanced traffic light system called ARTIE. Cameron informs John, Sarah, and Derek that ARTIE could become Skynet’s “nervous system” and they decide to find a way to disable it.

The next morning, Cameron tells Sarah about “Vick’s” protection methods. Sarah wonders why Vick would choose such a scheme, causing Derek to comment that machines are twisted. John defends Cameron, saying that she isn’t anything like Vick. At school the next day, Cameron and John are having lunch with Morris, who tells them the story of his first tattoo. Cameron, unsure how to respond, simply refers to it as “tight”, a phrase she’d adopted many weeks ago. John leaves her alone with Morris so that he can talk to Cheri, unaware that she is watching him intently.

Cameron HUD

John removes Cameron's chip

While hacking the chip at home, Cameron and John come across a memory of what they assume to be Barbara’s death and Sarah decides to go look for her, despite Cameron’s insistence that finding her body should not be a mission priority. As she and Sarah search the woodlands, Cameron expresses her lack of comprehension as to why they need to locate the body, referring to it as nothing more than “bones and meat”, a comment she immediately realizes to be hurtful. Upon finding the body, they discover it to be that of Jessica Peck, a lobbyist being paid to oppose ARTIE.

At school the next day, a student informs Cameron that a cop wishes to see John in the principal’s office. A brief analysis of the cop reveals him to be Cromartie and Cameron sends Morris in John’s place, throwing Cromartie off the trail. Cameron starts following the Triple-8 but aborts when John calls out to her, forcing her to briefly pin him against the lockers until Cromartie leaves. She doesn’t offer a reason for her actions but John learns the truth from Morris, who commends her “genius” plan.

Later that night, Cameron sneaks into John’s room without him noticing and sits on his bed while she paints her fingernails. She watches in silence as John plays one of Vick’s memories, which shows him using seduction to convince his wife to continue her work. John finally notices Cameron and jumps out of his skin, asking her how long she’d been there. Cameron then commented on Vick’s methods, referring to them as effective, which prompts John to ask why she acts the way she does.

Cameron just tells him that she is making conversation and decides to inform John of Cromartie’s presence at school. Seeing the concern on his face, Cameron tries to reassure him by stating that Cromartie won’t return to their school, but John lacks her optimism and makes her promise not to tell his mom. Sarah walks in on them in this moment and Cameron promptly leaves, winking at John as she passes. Further probing of the chip reveals Vick’s memory of his murder of the Resistance fighters, absolving Cameron of suspicion in that regard.

Cameron reactivation

Cameron is reactivated

While Sarah and Derek attempt to plant a virus in ARTIE, Cameron and John continue to hack into the chip, but John gives it too much power and reawakens Vick’s higher functions. Luckily, they are able to remove the chip before Vick can escape into the internet but the incident gives John an idea when Sarah and Derek return, having failed their task. He comes up with a plan to insert Cameron’s CPU into the traffic light interface so that she can kill the ARTIE system.

After adequate coaxing from Cameron, John carefully removes her chip and inserts it into a traffic light as planned, and she kills ARTIE in a matter of seconds. John then reinserts her chip into her body and Cameron reboots to find John leaning over her for a few seconds before he adjusts himself awkwardly. He then asks her what she saw while linked with ARTIE and she replies by saying that she “saw everything”.[13]

"Do I have a birthday?"
- Cameron. [[Template:109|Template:109]]

The next day, Cameron and Sarah enter an Internet café to meet a man named Sarkissian who has possession of the Turk. Cameron mentions that she has learned Armenian in preparation for this meeting but Sarah reminds her that they aren’t there to charm him. They wait by the allocated computer but no one joins them. Instead, a message appears on the screen, offering to sell them the Turk for $500,000. At home, Cameron inspects the bag of diamonds they took from the safe house and discovers that they have less than $300,000 worth and suggests that they negotiate the price.

Cameron and John later go on a school trip to the science museum where John confides his belief that Sarah has forgotten his birthday, which is the next day. Cameron asks John if she has a birthday and he replies by saying that she maybe has a “builtday”. Cameron then spots a man who exhibits suspicious behaviour and tries to follow him but is told to remain with the group by her teacher.

She later kills the man, however, and stores him in the trunk of his car. Morris and John soon find her and she informs John of what she has done, Morris believing her to be joking. Before they leave, Morris awkwardly asks Cameron to the Prom, a question she takes a few moments pondering until John tells her to say “yes”. They return home and Cameron shows the body to Sarah, who identifies it as one of Sarkissian’s thugs.

Cameron car bomb

Cameron is car-bombed

Suddenly, the thug’s phone rings and Cameron uses her voice impersonation ability to answer it. Moments later, Chola, Carlos’ lookout, turns up and drives them to Sarkissian’s location: the Internet café. Once inside, they chase Sarkissian into a panic room and Cameron smashes through the wall to get at him. He escapes via a secret passage, however, and takes John hostage. Derek shoots Sarkissian though, resolving that predicament, and John joins Cameron in the panic room where he steals Sarkissian’s hard drive.

The next day, Sarah sends Cameron to buy John a birthday cake, but as she gets into the Jeep Cameron spots the real Sarkissian walking away from the house. Just as she turns the ignition, Cameron is consumed by a ball of fire as the car explodes around her. [14]

Season TwoEdit

"I'm sorry! That wasn't me! I'm fixed now! I ran a test! Everything's perfect! You can trust me!"
- Cameron. [[Template:201|Template:201]]
Cameron damaged 2

Cameron survives the explosion

Cameron is rendered offline by the explosion, but quickly reboots and staggers out of the burning jeep, bearing several cuts and burns. One of her legs has also suffered damage, causing Cameron to limp away while running a self-diagnostic, which reveals that her chip integrity has been "compromised". She then removes a piece of shrapnel from her head before entering the Connor residence and finding Sarkissian's henchman, whom she kills, causing a fire in the process. Cameron goes upstairs to find John and Sarah unharmed and Sarkissian dead. A brief scan of John reveals that she has reverted to her Skynet settings, which causes her to draw a gun on him. Before she can fire, however, the house explodes, knocking her off her feet and allowing the Connors to escape.

Cameron compromised HUD

Cameron's chip suffers damage

Cameron quickly recovers and visits a convenience store where she cleans up a little and staples her cheek back together. She then searches the streets, eventually finding a trail of John's blood, which she uses to track him to a church. Despite the reverend's insistence that no one is there, Cameron investigates the area, discovering some more of John's blood near the holy water basin. In the basin is a towel, which Cameron reaches for, only to find that it is a trap set by John. Cameron is incapacitated by a blast of electricity and John tries to remove her chip, but is unable to do so before she reboots.

Cameron HUD terminate

Cameron experiences a reversion

Cameron once again pursues the Connors, who have stolen a car and are attempting to lose her in a levee. Cameron ambushes them, however, and overturns their car. As John flees, Cameron tortures Sarah, demanding that she call out to him, but she refuses. Seeing this as futile, Cameron leaves Sarah alive and chases John, eventually locating him in a warehouse. As John tries to hotwire a truck, Cameron picks up a wrench and throws it at him, but it misses. Before she can do anything else, however, Sarah suddenly appears in a car and pins Cameron between the car and John's truck.

John smashes through the windshield and struggles to open Cameron's CPU port with a screwdriver. During this, Cameron tries to trick John by saying that she is fixed now, that she had run a test and is good again. John ignores her pleas and forces the port open with the screwdriver. Cameron tries a different tack, using emotional blackmail to convince him not to remove her chip. She cries and begs him not to kill her, confessing that she loves him and that he loves her. John hesitates for a moment before removing her chip, rendering her powerless.

Cameron HUD override

Cameron chooses not to kill John

John, Sarah, Derek, and Charley take Cameron to a remote location where they prepare to burn her with thermite. John cleans her chip thoroughly before reluctantly placing it with her body. Charley hands him the flare and John prepares to burn Cameron, but ultimately decides not to and reinserts her chip. He picks up a gun and points it at her as she reboots. Cameron asks him if he is going to kill her, a question he turns around on her. She says "no" and, when given the gun to prove it, Cameron overrides her Skynet programming and chooses not to kill John. Satisfied that she is safe, they take her back to the church, where she ponders on the story of the Resurrection and warns Sarah not to let John reactivate her if she goes bad again.

"Things have changed, John... You can't be trusted anymore."
- Cameron. [[Template:202|Template:202]]
Cameron bar

Cameron dresses for a night out

The next day, Cameron has reasserted herself as John's protector, standing guard over him in the church. When he wakes up, John asks Cameron how she's feeling and she tells him that he can't be trusted anymore. She then hints at being "upset" by the thought of John risking his life to save hers. While John goes to school, Cameron, Sarah, and Derek rent a new house from a pregnant lady called Kacy Cotton. After making sure the house is secure, Cameron shows an interest in the Kacy's unborn child and places a hand on her stomach. When Kacy comments that Cameron was once inside Sarah's womb, they share an awkward glance and Sarah removes Cameron's hand from the Kacy's stomach.

Not long after moving in, an injured Resistance fighter bursts into the house and warns them about a power plant and tells them to "stop Greenway" before dying of a bullet wound. Cameron and Sarah take it upon themselves to investigate the Seranno Point nuclear power plant, which Cameron reveals will one day be a key stronghold of the Resistance, and get themselves temporary jobs as workers by hacking into the company's database. During the recruitment process they are made to watch a cartoon orientation video that bores Sarah but seems to intrigue Cameron. A member of staff then arrives and accepts them into the fold, remarking that two of their employees have suddenly quit due to "emergency circumstances", prompting Cameron to smile slyly (this being the first time that Cameron has shown pride in her work).

As they are shown around the facility, Cameron scans numerous name tags, including that of Greenway, and commits them to memory. When asked why they look so beat up, Cameron and Sarah explain that they were in a car accident (this excuse is also used by John, who attests that he was trying to teach Cameron how to drive). In the evening, Cameron and Sarah visit a bar favoured by the plant's workers so that the latter can question Greenway about the reactor. Cameron, wearing an open leopard top, flirts with a group of employees and asks to join their game of pool so that she can get close enough to scan their ID cards.

Cameron pool

Cameron pool-sharks her targets

One of the workers boasts $50 that he can beat anyone in the bar and is left speechless when Cameron pots almost every ball in a single move. Having won that bet, Cameron smugly counts her winnings whilst Sarah and Derek discuss the threat of a possible meltdown. Cameron reveals that she'd hacked into Greenway's personal computer at work and warns them that, if the plant doesn't go online, the Resistance will lose the war. Upon returning home, they find that John has brought home a girl called Riley, whom Cameron eyes suspiciously before using a black marker to copy Greenway's ID barcode.

The next day at the plant, Cameron is mopping the floor when alarms start to sound and Sarah arrives to inform her that the reactor is going critical and that Greenway has been replaced by a T-888. Sarah orders her to find the Triple-8 and stop it, but Cameron ignores her and keeps mopping, stating that she is "thinking about what to do". At Sarah's insistence, Cameron finds the Triple-8 and tries to fix the damage it has caused but doesn't fare well in the ensuing fight. Sarah arrives and shoots the Triple-8 with an assault rifle, granting Cameron to opportunity to push it into two power nodes, frying the Triple-8's circuitry.

Sarah & Cameron gun

Sarah holds Cameron at gunpoint

She then approaches Sarah in an intimidating manner as she twitches inexplicably, causing Sarah to hold her at gunpoint and ask if she is alright. Cameron doesn't attack and states that she is okay before fixing the damage caused by the Triple-8. Cameron then seals the deceased Terminator in a toxic waste bin, along with CCTV tapes of the incident. When they return home, Sarah has Cameron scan her with a radiation detector and asks Cameron if she will still get cancer. Cameron tells her that she doesn't know and turns the question around on her, asking if she will one day suddenly "explode".

Sarah doesn't have an answer for that, and Cameron goes inside where she talks to John about Riley. John asks her if she sees Riley as a threat, to which Cameron replies "girls are complicated". He then tells Cameron that he doesn't feel the need to prove anything to anyone, including her.

Cameron spying

Cameron spies on John and Riley

"Your mother told me to keep an eye on you."
- Cameron. [[Template:203|Template:203]]

During one of her whimsical moments, Cameron conducts a thorough inspection of the house, informing John that the house is moving downwards by 0.93 millimetres each year and that they will need to re-paint the house next summer. She then discovers a bird stuck in the chimney and expresses an enthusiasm to catch it and kill it, but Sarah orders her to leave the bird alone and to not let John out of her sight. Cameron and John then visit the mall to buy a new computer and she casually lifts the heavy equipment into their truck, surprising an elderly couple with her display of strength.

John then receives a call on his cell phone, from whom Cameron correctly guesses to be Riley. Cameron informs John that she must keep him within her sight at all times, but he tricks her and gives her the slip. Cameron stalks John and spies on him and Riley, eventually being spotted by the latter and once again losing track of John. She later approaches Riley in a car lot and demands to know John's location. Riley apparently tells her that John is at the pier and Cameron goes there in search of him.

Whilst looking for John, Cameron comes across a "Mr. Roboto" mime and watches it with confusion for a moment before moving on. She later finds John in the sea, having narrowly escaped a now sub-merged Cromartie. John asks her for help, but she simply states that she cannot swim. With John back in her sight, Cameron delivers him to Sarah and Derek, who have just returned from a rescue mission to save Charley's wife, Michelle Dixon. Despite their efforts, however, Michelle is injured and later dies in hospital, leaving the Connors and Derek grieving, but Cameron remains as stoic as ever (if a little out of place).

"I was in a store and I couldn't remember anything... I'm... Allison... Allison from Palmdale."
- Cameron. [[Template:204|Template:204]]
Cameron amnesia

Cameron loses her memory

Whilst on the way to the department store, Cameron recalls the capture of her human template; Allison Young. When John comments on her look of absence, Cameron simply states that she is fine and debunks John's joke that she might try to kill him again. He then sends her to get some groceries and promises to meet her in 30 minutes. Cameron goes to the store where she picks up an apple and catches her reflection in a birthday balloon. She suddenly suffers a glitch and becomes disorientated, resulting in her crashing the shopping cart into a stack of watermelons. The glitch wipes her memory and she ends up on the floor as a cop asks her if she is drunk or on drugs. When asked for proof of identity, Cameron shows him the wad of cash and is subsequently taken to the local police department.

Here she experiences a flashback of Allison being branded with a Skynet work camp barcode and comes to believe that she is actually the human she was based upon. Cameron befriends a girl called Jody and is later released without charge. Jody spots her money and takes Cameron to a restaurant where she explains her life story. Before they can eat their meals, however, Jody is assaulted by a man who claims that she stole his laptop computer. Cameron goes to Jody's aid and begs the man to leave them alone, giving him her money as incentive. The man leaves, and Cameron and Jody go to a halfway house where she covers Jody's bruise with make-up. As thanks, Jody gives Cameron her necklace.

Cameron phone call

Cameron calls her "Mom"

During an interview with a social worker, Cameron recalls Allison's parents as her own, and remembers her 3rd birthday in Griffith Park. She tearfully recalls Judgment Day, wherein her entire family was killed in the nuclear holocaust and experiences another flashback of Allison being interrogated and asked similar questions. Cameron spots a tiger ornament and muses about the extinction of mankind, eventually remembering that she (Allison) is from Palmdale. She subsequently calls Allison's mother, Claire Young, and is upset when she doesn't recognize her as her daughter.

In a bid to cheer her up; Jody and Cameron play a game of miniature football, which seems to help take her mind off of things until John suddenly arrives, having scoured the streets looking for her. John tries to get Cameron to leave with him, but she does not recognize him as her "brother" and claims to be "Allison from Palmdale". John reveals to Cameron that she is a machine and that her chip is malfunctioning, which confuses and distresses her, triggering another flashback of Allison's attempted escape from the Skynet prison. Cameron angrily shoves John into a wall, and he is then escorted out of the building by security.

Cameron & Jody

Cameron punishes Jody

Cameron has another interview with the social worker and expresses her belief that she is a machine after remembering her interrogation of Allison about John Connor's whereabouts in the future. She reveals that she was programmed to infiltrate John's base and terminate him, stating that she will "hang his head on a pike for all to see." This disturbs the social worker, prompting her to call the police, but Cameron leaves with Jody before they arrive. They then break into an expensive house where Jody claims to have babysitted once. She unlocks a secure safe and shows Cameron the jewellery, which includes an earring that is identical to the one around Cameron's neck.

Now fully aware of who and what she is, Cameron forces Jody to tell her the truth, discovering that the house actually belongs to Jody's parents. Mirroring her final interrogation of Allison, Cameron grabs the girl by the throat, having realised that Jody intends to set her up for burglary. Unlike Allison, however, Cameron only chokes Jody into unconsciousness and spares her life when John arrives. He drives her home, livid at her behaviour, and asks about the necklace. Cameron fondles the necklace and repeats Jody's initial lie that she bought it at a store in Echo Park.

Cameron guard

Cameron stands guard

"Would you like a bedtime story?"
- Cameron. [[Template:205|Template:205]]

The Connors learn that someone called Martin Bedell is being hunted by a T-888, who is systematically killing off every name in the phonebook that matches. With one already dead and two remaining, John resolves to go with Derek and infiltrate the military academy with the goal of protecting cadet Bedell. Sarah reluctantly allows him to go and Cameron watches him leave without expression. She and Sarah then locate the other Bedell, a young boy called “Marty”.

Cameron waits in the car whilst Sarah enters the boy’s house and quickly pulls up when the T-888 attacks. With Sarah and Marty inside, Cameron speeds away with the Triple-8 in hot pursuit. It manages to get on top of the car and rips the roof off, but is sent flying when Sarah blasts it with a shotgun at close range. Marty asks what is going on and Sarah doesn’t answer, not wanting to upset him with the knowledge that he has been targeted for termination. Cameron, however, lacks such discretion and tells Marty that he is being hunted by a cyborg, which angers Sarah.

Cameron & Marty

Cameron warns Marty

At home, Cameron patrols the perimeter with a shotgun, eventually returning indoors where she later finds Marty trying to call his mom. Cameron grabs the boy and holds him aloft, warning him that the T-888 might use his mother to get to him. Sarah gives Cameron a knowing look, prompting her to change her tone and ask Marty if he’d like to hear a bedtime story. When Marty eventually falls asleep, Cameron comments that they should’ve engaged the Triple-8 instead of running from it. Sarah debunks the idea of putting a kid in the crossfire, but Cameron states that Marty doesn’t matter and that he isn’t their mission, to which Sarah replies: “He is now.”

The next day, Cameron allows Marty to watch his parents’ appeal for his return, apparently oblivious to the boy becoming upset. She then finds him and Sarah searching for a story for Marty’s book report and picks out the “Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum, commenting that it was John’s favourite. Sarah then gives Cameron a gun and orders her to watch over Marty’s parents in case the Triple-8 shows up again. Upon reaching his parent’s house, however, Cameron discovers that they have been moved into federal protection and returns to the Connor household to inform Sarah of this development.

Cameron 205 03

Cameron watches John

She finds Sarah in the kitchen making sandwiches for Marty and is asked her “professional robot opinion” as to what the Triple-8 would do next, to which she replies that she would seek out the other Martin Bedell. Sarah tells her to locate the other Bedell, wait for the Triple-8, and blow its head off. Cameron simply replies that the Triple-8 can put its head back on and then casually reminds her that Marty likes his sandwiches without crusts.

Cameron is later assigned the task of aiding John and Derek in protecting the other Bedell from the Triple-8, and goes to the military academy where she apparently hides out in the woodlands. Cameron discovers that her assistance is not needed, however, as she watches covertly as John and Derek destroy the Terminator together.

"Maybe his name's on the list because he helps John."
- Cameron. [[Template:206|Template:206]]
Cameron counciling

Cameron seeks councilling

Cameron, Sarah, and John take it upon themselves to follow up on a name from the list left to them by Wells, the injured Resistance fighter. She and Sarah search the residence of Dr. Boyd Sherman, a talented psychologist who might have some connection to Skynet. They are forced to cut the search short, however, as Sherman wakes up and investigates. Whilst John drives them home, he states that everyone on the list must be protected, unless they serve to bring about the creation of Skynet. Cameron reminds him that Skynet doesn't have any friends and that not everyone needs to be protected.

The next day, all three of them visit Sherman at his practice under the pretence of seeking councilling. Sherman brings up the subject of Kyle Reese and his death, asking if they have gotten over the loss, which Cameron claims to have come to terms with. When his back is turned, she plants a surveillance bug under a lamp, with the intention of monitoring his sessions. At home, Cameron listens in on Sherman and questions Derek when he returns from a six hour workout. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard from John's room and all three of them rush to see what has happened, finding John shaken but alive. Cameron is visibly concerned when he tells them that he accidently fired his weapon whilst cleaning it.

Cameron & Rosie

Cameron defeats Rosie

At the practice the following morning, Cameron sits in the waiting room whilst John is in with Sherman. She reads a leaflet about teen suicides, and remarks that John's behavior is consistent with someone looking to kill himself. Sarah blows off her concerns, but Cameron isn't convinced, stating that "some first attempts may appear to be an accident". Later that evening, she happens upon Sarah and John in the garage, arguing about Sherman's purpose. She posits that maybe he is meant to help John with his trauma, to which John agrees.

When John meets with Sherman again, he disables the surveillance bug, prompting a listening Cameron to immediately enter the building and seek him out. She enters a lift along with a young woman who exhibits similar mannerisms as herself. They both get off on the same floor and when they simultaneously reach for the handle of Sherman's door, they realise that the other is a fellow cyborg. Cameron immediately attacks the machine, demonstrating her superior fighting capabilities, though Rosie (as she is known) proves to be more flexible physically.

Cameron reading

Cameron reads about suicide

Regardless, Cameron kicks Rosie down the corridor, pushing her back into the elevator. Cameron pins her against the wall and twists her arms back, dislocating one of them, but Rosie breaks free and shoves her away. Before either can continue, however, the lift opens and a family enters, forcing them to halt their scuffle and appear inconspicuous until they leave. The little boy stares at them both as Rosie re-adjusts her arm and Cameron gives him a friendly smile. Once alone again, Cameron grabs Rosie by the throat and slams her to the floor. Rosie tries to kick her off, but Cameron twists her leg around, forcing her own heel into her eye. She then tangles Rosie with her own limbs before snapping her neck.

Cameron then returns home with John, showing Derek and Sarah the now disabled Rosie. She also tries to hack into her chip but is surprised when it self-destructs, a new feature for Terminators that hints at Skynet's desperation to reduce the number of reprogrammings in the future. Cameron later re-reads the suicide leaflet and considers the broken chip carefully.

Cameron dentist

Cameron corners the dentist

"I've always made my position on security very clear... No one likes a nag."
- Cameron. [[Template:207|Template:207]]

Cameron, Sarah, and John return home to discover that their house has been ransacked by thieves. Cameron checks the house for lingering threats, but the thieves have already taken everything and left. She checks her room and finds that her purple leather jacket, which she seems to have developed an attachment to, has been taken as well. Sarah is baffled as to why the security alarm failed to work and Cameron reveals that Riley snuck into John's bedroom the previous night. Agreeing to meet up with Derek, Cameron drives Sarah to the rendezvous and is asked as to why she kept silent about Riley. Cameron replies that she has made her position about security very clear and doesn't want to be a "nag".

With Derek in tow, Cameron and Sarah visit Moishe, a diamond fence, who might know who was behind the robbery. Cameron identifies several of his diamonds as belonging to their personal stash, but Moishe denies his involvement and gives them a name. They visit a dentist called Walter Ostrowski, who tries to escape in his car, but Cameron smashes his window and rips the door clean off. Under intimidation, he confesses that he owes money to Moishe and Cameron escorts him to his office to retrieve it.

Cameron thieves

Cameron terminates the thieves

They then return to Moishe and Cameron assaults one of his men, prompting Moishe to give them another name and an address. Cameron and Sarah follow the lead to an elderly couple, parents of one of the thieves, who give them yet another lead. Whilst driving to a video store, Sarah frustrates on their fruitless hunt. Cameron recites a Bible passage, the passage being from the "Brothers of Nablus" (Genesis, Chapter 34); a story about rape, marriage proposal, circumcision, and mass murder. Sarah jokes that it sounds like Cameron's kind of story, to which she agrees.

A credit card scan alerts them of the thieves location, a bowling alley, and they arrive in time to catch them. Cameron holds them at gunpoint and demands the return of her jacket, as well as the other possessions. Sarah guesses that not all of the thieves are present and orders Cameron to watch them while she finds the other. Cameron decides upon more drastic action, however, and shoots them all, reasoning that they are a security risk. Sarah returns from the men's room and confirms that the remaining thief is taken care of.

At home, Cameron and Sarah confront John about Riley and the risk she poses to their security. John angrily reminds Cameron that, unlike her, Riley hasn't tried to kill him and argues with his mother about her not protecting him from having to kill Sarkissian before storming off.

John & Cameron

Cameron and John talk about Riley

"I’m a machine. I can’t be happy. But I understand more than you think... I understand that being John Connor can be lonely... You and I talk about it a lot... We do. We will."
- Cameron. [[Template:208|Template:208]]

Late one evening, Cameron watches John seeing Riley off and is slightly irked by their closeness and studies their behaviour comprehensively. She then approaches Sarah, who is building a safe in the garage and promises to talk to John about Riley. Sarah doesn't believe that Cameron is capable of convincing John, but Cameron is confident in her persuasion. She approaches John's room and unbuttons her shirt, dropping it on the floor before entering his room and asking if he is busy.

Cameron & Derek stock

Cameron and Derek visit their secret stash to re-stock on weapon supplies

John enquires about her apparent change in clothing and she simply states that the heat is bothering her, which surprises John as he was under the impression that she couldn't feel such things. Cameron lies on his bed beside him and makes herself comfortable, which John suspects is a ploy to scare Riley away, should she see them in bed together. Cameron tells him that she watched Riley leave and reminds him of the constant danger he puts her in. John claims to be aware of this, but remains defiant and refuses to let Riley go.

Cameron tells him that she understands how lonely John Connor can be and confides in him about her and Future John's closeness, which makes John uncomfortable, prompting him to ask her to leave. Cameron asks about Riley one last time and John appears to have gotten the message, so she leaves and recovers her shirt. In the morning, Cameron informs Sarah of her success and tells her that she needs to stock up on weapon supplies. Sarah is uncomfortable with Cameron's influence over John, but she simply states: "You got what you wanted."

Cameron then visits the secret weapons stash and finds Derek there, who accuses her of appropriating his weaponry for her own use. Cameron claims that she needs supplies for a "small bomb" and mentions that John was supposed to ask for permission on her behalf. Derek expresses his displeasure over John's lack of focus, to which Cameron comments that maybe he should spend more time around the house. Derek recieves a call from John, who is in trouble, and Cameron joins him as they head to the village of Dejalo in Mexico.

Cameron & Derek phone

Cameron is concerned for John

Upon arriving, Cameron and Derek find signs of a recent gunfight, which the former correctly attributes to Cromartie. Derek suggests they lie low, but Cameron ignores him and searches the local jail, asking the dying cops if they've seen John. Derek once again suggests they leave before the Triple-8 returns, but Cameron firmly states that she cannot allow anything to happen to John, surprising Derek with her concern. He then recieves another call, from Sarah this time, telling him that John is safe.

Cameron, Derek, Sarah, John, and James Ellisom meet up and formulate a plan to ambush Cromartie. Ellison lures the T-888 to a church where he is promptly bombarded by gunfire, courtesy of Sarah and Derek. Unable to get a clean shot at either of them, Cromartie is distracted long enough to allow Cameron to sneak up behind him with a Remington 870p combat shotgun. She fires several high-explosive incendiary slugs into Cromartie's skull, severely damaging him. Cameron is visibly disturbed as he drops to the floor, a look of surprise and perhaps even fear on his face. She then allows John to perform the coup-de-grace, ending Cromartie's existence.

Cromartie's end

The End of Cromartie

Cameron, John, and Derek then bury Cromartie's remains with the intention of returning later with thermite to destroy him completely. Cameron gives Sarah the CPU, which she then violently destroys with the butt of her gun, dissolving into tears in the process. Cameron looks on silently as John comforts his mother.

Cameron foot

Cameron feels the wind on her toes

Cameron phone call 2

Cameron receives a call from Derek

Cameron smile 2

Cameron tells John not to worry

"I have sensation. I feel. I wouldn’t be worth much if I couldn’t feel."
- Cameron. [[Template:209|Template:209]]

Whilst they drive back from Mexico, Sarah declares the need to be sick and John pulls over, allowing his mother to vomit all over the verge. Cameron diagnoses Sarah's condition as possible morning sickness, having observed Kacy behave similarly, and wonders whether Sarah is pregnant. Obviously she isn't and John scolds her for being so naive, telling her to shut up. He then helps Sarah back into the car and Cameron watches curiously as Sarah moves an overturned tortoise out from under the car wheel. At home, Cameron makes Sarah some rehydration fluid and advises her to drink it every half hour and every time she is sick.

Sarah posits that they need to return to Mexico and dispose of Cromartie's body with thermite. John argues the point of this, stating that Cromartie is no longer a threat and that they are safe now. Cameron echoes Sarah's motto ("No one is ever safe"), prompting John to complain that she's becoming more like his mother. En route to Mexico, Cameron spontaneously sticks her foot out of the side window of the car to feel the wind blow through her toes. John expresses his belief that she cannot feel emotions or physical sensation, but Cameron counters by holding her hand out of the window and explaining her capacity for feeling.

They arrive in Mexico at nightfall and dig up Cromartie's grave, only to find the body missing. John guesses Ellison to be involved and they drive back to LA and stake out his house. Along the way, Cameron flips through the radio stations and settles on a girl band song, which she appears to enjoy. She is then called by Derek, but hangs up when he fails to give the password. He calls again and provides the password, as well as sending her a photo of Charles Fischer, asking if she recognises him. Cameron double-checks the photo before claiming her ignorance of the man's identity and hangs up again.

John asks about the call, afraid that something is wrong, but Cameron just smiles and tells him not to worry about it. Whilst waiting outside Ellison's house, Cameron expresses confusion over Sarah saving the tortoise from being crushed in Mexico. John describes it as an empathic response common in humans, but she points out that not all humans would care enough to help those in trouble. John asks her what she would've done, to which Cameron replies that the tortoise wasn't much of a threat and that Terminators aren't built to be cruel. John commends her for this, stating "that's one [point] for cyborgs", which makes her smile appreciatively.

Ellison arrives home and Cameron and John sneak in through the back of his house. She immediately grabs the former agent by the throat and smashes him against the furniture, breaking shelves and shattering tables. She then pins him to the floor whilst John questions him about Cromartie's location. Ellison pleads his innocence and begs for mercy. John regards him for a long moment before ordering Cameron to let Ellison go. Cameron turns him over onto his front, mirroring Sarah's actions with the tortoise. They then leave, being no closer to finding Cromartie.

Sarah's Dreams:
Sarah has several fevered dreams, in which Cameron is a prominent figure. In the first dream, Cameron is seen watering a trio of cacti which grow out of the ground and turn to metal, which then embrace John in a hugging manner. The second dream shows Cameron sitting in a rocking chair in a nursery set up in the Connor's old house. She is nursing a child, which then turns into a baby tortoise. Sarah holds out her hand for the tortoise, but Cameron gives it to Cromartie instead. It is apparent through these dreams that Sarah harbours a deep fear of what Cameron might do with her son's life.

Cameron digging

Cameron searches for Cromartie

Cameron toasting

Cameron makes a toast

Cameron raid

Cameron joins a raid

"Strange Things Happen At The One Two Point; it’s a Go! proverb. It means the usual rules do not apply."
- Cameron. [[Template:210|Template:210]]

Despite Ellison's denial of stealing Cromartie's body, Cameron searches his yard at night with a rebar, poking it into the ground for any signs of the body. Ellison wakes up and shines a flashlight in her face from his window, prompting her to tell him to go back to bed whilst she continues her search. She finds no trace of the body, however, and returns to the Connor residence in the morning to inform the others of her failure. Later that day, Cameron and Sarah follow up on a lead by visiting Dakara Systems, posing as wealthy investors. They meet with Alex Akagi and his son, Xander, learning that they are in need of an investment in order to purchase the equipment they need to run their A.I. program.

While Sarah and Alex speak in the next room, Cameron talks to Xander about chess; learning that he plays a game called Go! instead and he offers to teach her how to play. At home, Cameron sets up a Go! board and expresses her belief that Dakara's A.I. platform has no connection to The Turk. She sets up a few of the pieces and cites the rule "Strange Things Happen At The One Two Point"; which is a proverb wherein the normal rules of the game do not apply. Cameron uses this to make her point as to why Dakara will not lead to The Turk, though Sarah remains persistent.

After a meeting with Alex, Sarah gathers all of their money and diamonds and has Cameron count out $500,000. Cameron tells her that they can produce the money, but doing so would drain their entire stash. Sarah doesn't care, as they need to use the money to purchase a CPU for Dakara's A.I. They later go to dinner with Alex, Xander, and a Japanese software developer called Minamoto, as a front to purchase the CPU. Cameron surprises them all by performing a toast in perfect Japanese, and later listens with interest as Xander explains the possibility of transferring a person's consciousness into a neural net processor.

Sarah quickly loses her patience and demands they finish the exchange. Minamoto hands over the chip and takes the money, leaving Alex, Xander, Sarah, and Cameron to marvel over their new purchase. Alex and Xander test the chip, but it fails to load their A.I. Cameron examines the CPU and declares it a fake, Minamoto having scammed them. She later tracks down Minamoto and joins Sarah and Derek as they launch a raid, during which she holds Minamoto's friends at gunpoint. Minamoto reveals that he is just an actor paid by the real Minamoto, but Derek correctly guesses that Alex is actually the one behind it all.

Enraged, Sarah breaks into Alex's office and has Cameron hold Xander hostage, threatening to have her throw him out of the window unless Alex returns their money, which he does. Alex explains that he only wanted to ensure that his son would be well-looked after should they fail to meet the deadline for their A.I.'s development, which seemed like a certainty. Cameron and Sarah let them live, recovering their lost money and abandoning Dakara Systems as a potential threat.

"I’m interested in the past. It affects everything in the future."
- Cameron. [[Template:211|Template:211]]
Cameron night-life

Cameron's secret night-life

Late one night, Cameron finds John and Sarah discussing the three dots and is promptly told by Sarah to do the laundry, seeing as she doesn't sleep. John jokes over Cameron's mundane assignment, prompting Sarah to take the basket from Cameron with a smile and handing it to John instead. John waits until Sarah goes to bed before handing the basket back to Cameron and going to bed himself, leaving her alone in the dark. With the Connors asleep, Cameron leaves the house and visits a local library, knocking on the employee's entrance and being greeted by her secret friend, Eric.

She gives him a bag of donuts and he allows her to enter the library, despite it being closed overnight. He asks her about her trip to Mexico, revealing that she has confided certain facts about her life (barring a few alterations for security reasons) and she tells him about Riley and the robbery. She expresses an interest in learning more about medieval seige weapons and whilst searching through the archives she comes across a photo of an incident in 1920. She recognises a man in the photograph as a T-888 model and is baffled by his presence in that time, so she decides to look into his past with Eric's help.

Cameron & Eric

Cameron helps Eric

Whilst looking through old papers Cameron comments on Eric's happy behaviour, noting that she doesn't know anybody who shares his cheery disposition. He claims to be cold, which Cameron finds odd as it is 76 degrees room temperature. She comes across a paper with the T-888 and discovers his name to be Myron Stark, taking note of his apparent attention to a construction company owner called Rupert Chandler. Cameron decides to search the California archives but Eric tells her that those records are restricted and the door locked. She enters regardless, breaking the lock in the process and angering Eric, who fears that her antics will lose him his job.

He tells her to put everything back and falls out of his wheelchair, prompting a concerned Cameron to offer him her hand, but he refuses and helps himself back into his chair. After finishing her research, Cameron finds Eric again and apologises, commenting that she doesn't have any friends of her own and refers to him as her only one. During further research into Stark's activities, Eric muses that he might've robbed banks to acquire money, which Cameron notes as an effective strategy. They listen to an old police report of a bank robbery and Cameron and Eric discover that Stark was trying to buy into construction in order to oust Chandler.

Cameron & Myron

Cameron uncovers Myron Stark

When Eric accidently knocks Cameron's bag to the floor he discovers her sidearm (a Glock 17) and questions her as to why she would carry one around with her. Cameron admits that she uses it to protect her "brother" and proclaims to be his protector from people who want to hurt him. Eric mentions that he has never fired a gun before, so Cameron lets him shoot a phone book, giving him the bullet as a souvenir. They then watch another eyewitness report and Cameron realises that Stark materialized in a Speakeasy bar, causing a fire that killed Chandler's son. She later visits Eric in the toilet and asks him if he ever thinks about commiting suicide, hinting that she herself is considering such action (due to her chip damage which she likens to a cancer).

Cameron decides to visit the video library and when Eric explains that he cannot follow her up there (no wheelchair access), she picks him up from his chair and carries him up the stairs. He is surprised by her strength, to which she simply replies: "I work out." Whilst searching through the old films, Eric muses about photographic immortality and asks Cameron how she would feel about the idea of living forever beautiful and strong, which causes her a moment of deep reflection. After watching a video, Cameron adds up the dots and goes outside to look at the stars, using the positions of three stars to determine the date. She realises that Stark suffered a temporal anomaly during his displacement and arrived in the wrong century as a result.

Cameron & Eric 2

Cameron informs Eric of his cancer

Further research reveals that Stark bought the Pico property from Chandler and built the Pico Tower in its place. Eric informs her that the Pico Tower is currently closed for renovation and she decides to investigate the building. Upon arriving, Cameron discovers that an event is scheduled for 2010, wherein Governor Mark Wyman will give a speech. She examines a wide hall and envisions a possible assassination attempt on the Governor, speculating that he is Stark's original target. By tapping on the far wall, Cameron discovers a hollow space and smashes through the brick wall to find Stark in standby mode.

He promptly reactivates and Cameron slams him through the other side of the wall, stealing his Thompson machine gun and emptying the entire clip into his back. She then throws him down the corridor and repeatedly smashes his head into the wall, using her leg to open the elevator door before hurling him into the shaft. He quickly returns, however, and grabs her boot, but she snaps the elevator's counter-cord; bringing the elevator crashing down on top of him. Trapped and exposed, the T-888 is left helpless as Cameron flicks a pen knife from her pocket and cuts into the machine's head, removing his chip manually.

John & Cameron 2

Cameron discovers lipstick on John

With Stark no longer a threat, Cameron returns to the library where she covers up her injuries with makeup. She comments that Eric hasn't eaten his donuts and observes that he has lost weight and his muscles have weakened over the past week. She performs a CAT scan on him (despite telling Sarah that she lacked this ability) and informs him that he has a tumour on his right arm and may also have one in his lungs. She advices him to see his doctor as soon as possible, expressing her concern for his health. Eric is upset by her bluntness, however, and asks her to leave, which Cameron obeys with great hesitance.

She returns home and finishes the laundry as instructed, and in the morning she happens upon John as he returns from a night out with Riley. She spots the lipstick on his neck and realises what he's been up to, and though she doesn't comment on this development, she stares at John with obvious jealousy and quite possibly anger as he returns to his room. The following evening, Cameron returns to the library only to find that Eric has been replaced by a woman, learning that Eric is absent for personal reasons (possibly having taken Cameron's advice and started a new cycle of cancer therapy). Cameron is unfazed and offers the woman a bag of donuts, prompting her to grant Cameron access to the library again.

"He's human? My mistake."
- Cameron. [[Template:212|Template:212]]
Cameron shotgun

Cameron is told to drop her shotgun

Cameron damaged 3

Cameron is damaged by the T-888

Following another name on the basement wall ("Alpine Fields"), Cameron and Sarah visit the private secluded cabin of David Fields, Anne Fields, and their daughter Lauren Fields. They arrive to find the homesitter dead and lie in wait for the family's return, holding them at gunpoint upon their arrival. Lauren runs to her bedroom to call the police and Sarah orders Cameron to retrieve the girl, but she finds David's gun and forces Sarah to drop hers. David takes the gun from Lauren and demands Cameron to drop her shotgun. She obeys, only to snatch the gun from his hands once she was close enough.

Sarah explains the situation and informs them about Skynet and the future, telling them that she and Cameron are there to protect them from a machine. Whilst driving away from the cabin, Cameron examines David's gun and comments that it would be inneffective against a machine or even a bear. Sarah is distracted by Lauren, causing Cameron to call out to her seconds before they collide with another car. The other driver is revealed to be a T-888 and immediately tries to attack them, but Cameron holds him at bay while Sarah leads the injured family back to the safety of the cabin.

The Triple-8 shoots Cameron several times with no effect and she presses the attack, forcing the T-888 into the wilderness where they play a game of cat and mouse that lasts past nightfall. Cameron causes significant damage to the Triple-8 and likewise suffers the same, albeit more so as the T-888 succeeds in knocking Cameron offline. It then hurls her body through the cabin window and Sarah tries to wake her up, but Cameron fails to respond and remains offline.

When 120 seconds pass without a reboot, Sarah decides to take Anne and escape, as she is the one the Triple-8 is after; leaving Lauren hiding in the closet, David unconscious outside, and Anne's boyfriend (Roger) cowering in the house. Cameron finally reboots and immediately attacks Roger, inexplicably mistaking him for a T-888, and offers to help Lauren out of the closet. She, Lauren, and David then acquire a car, catching up with Sarah and Anne. Cameron runs over the Triple-8 and, once everyone is aboard, drives away before the T-888 can catch them.

  • 6 months later: at an undetermined time in the future, Cameron and Sarah finally track down and destroy the Triple-8 while Derek and Lauren help a pregnant Anne give birth to her baby daughter, Sydney Fields.

John & Cameron 3

Cameron offers to interrogate Riley

"I can get her to tell me the truth."
- Cameron. [[Template:213|Template:213]]

With Sarah following a lead and Derek absent, Cameron remains at the house with John and Riley, keeping a close eye on both. She drops in on them while they're stripping the wallpaper from John's room and asks why Riley hasn't bought her a smoothie, commenting that peach is her favourite. John subtlely tries to get rid of her by asking Cameron to go out and buy him some more paint, but Cameron simply points out that he has enough and pointedly comments that she has her own job to perform. John tells her to do it elsewhere, and Cameron returns to her own room.

Cameron satisfied

Cameron finds Riley half dead

Cameron waits outside her bedroom, listening in on their conversations, and confronts Riley as she attempts to leave. She spots a bruise on the side of Riley's head and asks her about it, to which Riley claims she collided with a door. Cameron then asks to see her star tattoo and mentions that she is deciding to get one of her own when John appears. She tells him she is torn between getting a tiger or a wolf tattoo and says they need to talk in private.

On the balcony outside, Cameron asks about Riley's bruise and offers to get her to tell him about it, but John warns her to stay away from her and storms back indoors. He looks for Riley and realizes she is in the bathroom, but she doesn't respond to his calls, so he has Cameron force the door open. Inside they find Riley bleeding on the bathroom floor, having cut her own wrists. Cameron looks on as John cradles Riley in his arms, an expression of possible satisfaction on her face.

John, Cameron, & Riley

Cameron and John visit Riley

"Future you has more important things to do..."
- Cameron. [[Template:214|Template:214]]

Following Riley's attempted suicide, John called the paramedics and they went with Riley to the local hospital. Cameron remained by John's side while Derek arrived and later joined him in visiting a conscious Riley, claiming she was concerned for her. While sitting in the hall, John asked her what his future self would do in this situation, to which Cameron answered that Future John would have more important matters to attend to.

Riley later goes missing from the hospital, prompting John to order Cameron to check the hospital for her, but Cameron refused to look for Riley and walked away without another word.

Cameron spying 2

Cameron spies on John again

John & Cameron 4

Cameron shares her suspicions

Cameron drone

Cameron witnesses the Drone

"She hasn't looked at her father's picture since we've been here. Not once. Neither has her mother... If you had a photo of Kyle Reese, you'd look at it, wouldn't you? Maybe there's something I don't understand."
- Cameron. [[Template:215|Template:215]]

Cameron, Derek, Sarah, and John decide to attend the funeral of the workers who died in the warehouse explosion, hoping to learn what was happening there. Upon arriving and seeing all the photoboard monuments of the deceased, Cameron commented that the Indians believed a person's soul was trapped inside a photograph upon their death, to which Derek replied that she was "safe" from such a fate.

The group dispersed to find people to interrogate about the warehouse and Cameron came upon John talking to a girl called Zoe, prompting her to watch him in the same (possibly envious) manner as when she spied on him and Riley in Template:203. After the chapel service, Cameron and John hitched a ride with Zoe and her admirer, Charlie. Whilst driving to the cemetary, Cameron observed Charlie's frustrated behaviour towards Zoe, correctly deducing that he harboured unrequieted feelings for her and called him out on this.

Angered by her audacity, Charlie slammed on the brakes and demanded she and John get out, refusing to drive and holding up the traffic. John quickly forced him into the backseat and took over driving, avoiding the notice of a nearby police officer. Zoe then encouraged them to see a waterhole in the desert, whereupon they found the carcasses of several dead cows. Charlie suggested they were killed by hunters, but Cameron noted that they bore no gunshot wounds and debunked John's theory that it might be the water, stating that someone would've picked up on it.

They then caught up with the others and joined everyone at the cemetary for the burials, after which Cameron became suspicious of Zoe, informing John that she wasn't behaving like a grieving daughter who'd just lost a beloved father. John agreed with her assessment and at the buffet later, he posited his theory that Zoe's father was in fact still alive, which Derek found unlikely. Cameron convinced him of the possibility, however, by asking him insightfully that if he had a picture of his lost brother, would he refuse to look at it?

She, Derek, and John later joined Sarah in an underground surveillance room located beneath one of the houses. Cameron searched through the security records while the others interrogated Zoe and her mother as to the whereabouts of their father/husband. Cameron found a recording of Zoe's father and the man Sarah shot and killed, Ed Winston, rounding up a family and killing them three months beforehand. John then realised where they might find what they're looking for and led them all back to the waterhole in the desert.

Here they found the body of Walsh, an agent of Catherine Weaver who was apparently shot by an unknown assassin. Before they could make sense of this, however, the Drone that Sarah saw in Template:213 suddenly rises out of the pool and hovers overhead for a moment before flying away towards the mountains, leaving the team stunned by this development.

Cameron 216.1

Dream Cameron

"What's it like to dream?"
- Dream Cameron. [[Template:216|Template:216]]

Sarah's Dreams:
While drugged and unconscious after being captured by Ed Winston, Sarah slipped into a hallucinagenic dream wherein Cameron played a particular part. In her dream, Cameron and John came to visit Sarah at a sleep clinic. While collecting food from the dining hall, Cameron picked up a plate of pancakes for John, who commented that the one's she'd made at home were better. This causes Cameron to smile slyly at him, which agitates Sarah somewhat.

Dream Cameron 2

Dream Cameron shows her modesty

Cameron keeps watch while John and Sarah talk outside. Once they're finished with their conversation, John gets up and leaves, after which Cameron gives Sarah with a faintly mocking smile. In the next stage of the dream, Cameron and John are waiting in the visiting area. Cameron asks about John's dreams and he explains the randomness and uniqueness of people's dreams, during which a vending machine fails to deliver his purchase. Cameron firmly taps the machine, forcing it to release several bags of chips for John, to which he says thank you.

In a later stage of the dream, Sarah calls John on his cell phone and he answers whilst in his bedroom. While he's talking to Sarah, Cameron casually walks into John's room wearing provocative underwear and gives him a side-long look as she goes into her own room. It is made clear that Sarah's dreams of Cameron are yet another reflection of her fear for Cameron's hold over John and the apparent attraction between them.

"You tried to fix me. Twice now. It's not working... I'm not capable of self-termination... I can't kill myself. But you can."
- Cameron. [[Template:217|Template:217]]
Cameron glitch

Cameron's glitch returns

Cameron had an encounter with the bird that resides in the Connor's chimney while it was flying around the lounge, trying to find a way out and colliding with the windows. Cameron tried to advise the bird, reminding it of its migratory nature and encouraged it to find a mate. Seeing that the bird wasn't doing itself any good, Cameron snatched it out of the air and mused as to what she should do with it. She decided to take it outside and let it go free, declaring it a fire hazard by nesting in the chimney.

As she held the pigeon in the air for it to fly away, Cameron's left hand suddenly clenched around the bird, crushing it to death. Cameron dropped it to the floor and regarded her hand with surprise and seemed a little perturbed by the bird's unfortunate demise. Later that day, Cameron happened upon Sarah in the dining room while she was searching through files and photos, looking for details on a lawyer working for the Kaliba group. Cameron informed her that Derek had taken the job of tracking the lawyer down, which annoyed Sarah as she was feeling like Derek was keeping her out of the loop.

Cameron pointed out that Sarah has been distracted of late, which Sarah chalks up to her recent kidnapping by Ed Winston. She is then asked about Riley and the day she tried to kill herself, to which Cameron explains the details of that event. She offers to visit Riley's foster parents and question them about Riley's behaviour, but Sarah decides to do this personally. Cameron then went into the garage and cut into her left wrist, peeling back the skin to expose her arm mechanics. Using a screwdriver, Cameron began testing her hand by poking specific areas to provoke a convulsion in her fingers.

Cameron HUD examining

Cameron examines her arm

John & Cameron 5

John helps fix Cameron's arm

Cameron & Riley

Cameron corners Riley

Whilst doing this, Cameron heard the sound of footsteps on gravel outside the garage and peered outside to see who it was, spotting Riley walking away with her bike. Cameron, however, did not pursue her, though her suspicions were aroused. She returned to working on her hand and John came to visit her a while later. Cameron told him about the bird and showed him her hand, to which he guessed she'd received damage during a fight with another Terminator.

John commented that he could swap out the damaged part if they had any spare pieces at hand, prompting Cameron to show him her secret stash of machine parts she'd salvaged. This angered John, as she was under strict orders to burn every endoskeleton they captured. Cameron countered by claiming that Future John had ordered her to save certain pieces, likely for her own repair. He wasn't convinced at first, but put it aside when Cameron asked for his help in switching the parts.

With the new part in place, John had her clench her fist, resulting in them holding hands for a brief moment, during which Cameron gave John a measuring look. He then told her to straighten her fingers, after which he declared her hand fixed. When asked if she was fully repaired, however, Cameron remained uncertain. She then told him that he was starting to earn the information and trust she was placing in him, referring to her collection of the parts and her knowledge of Future John.

She later visited John in his room while he was looking up a restaurant for Derek, relating to his mission. Cameron asked him if he was hungry and offered to make him a sandwich, stating that "sometimes it's nice to have help". With this in mind, John realised that Cameron's earlier request for help in fixing her hand was unnecessary as she was perfectly adept at self-repair. Cameron simply brushed this off as her own desire to have some help from John, prompting him to leave to make his sandwich alone.

In the kitchen sometime later, John asked her if his future self ever kept secrets from her, which she believed he did. When Riley arrived to visit John, Cameron had to take her to the garage when a woman from the Department of Youth and Family Services arrived to question John and Sarah. In the garage, Cameron mused over what she should do with Riley, for she had become a very clear threat to John. Riley pleaded that she was just John's girlfriend and as Cameron advanced, her hand started to twitch inexplicably.

John & Cameron 6

Cameron gives her life to John

Cameron could not decide whether to kill Riley or not, and the scared girl angrily declared that Cameron will never be anything more than John's sister (hinting her knowledge of Cameron's want for closeness between her and John). Before Cameron could make a decision, however, John arrived and told Riley to wait outside while he questioned Cameron as to what she was doing. Cameron admitted to not knowing what to do but insisted Riley be killed regardless. John couldn't believe that she could have two minds on the matter and told her that either way it wasn't her decision to make.

Cameron then watched from afar while he and Riley talked, both trying to get the other to tell them the truth. In the evening, Cameron spent many hours in the garage working on a self-termination device. By somehow placing a small explosive in her CPU port and creating a remote detonator concealed within an empty pocket watch, Cameron created a means for John to eliminate her should she become a threat again (given that she is incapable of self-termination).

Cameron gave this detonator to John, putting it around his neck and instructing him on how to use it. John asked why she thought he would ever want to kill her, but Cameron simply stated that he may one day have no choice in the matter. John hid the watch beneath his shirt and left Cameron alone to muse over her drastic decision.

"There's only one way for him to be safe: he has to be alone."
- Cameron. [[Template:218|Template:218]].
Cameron innocence

Cameron pleads her innocence

Cameron love

Cameron tells John she loves him

With their security now compromised, the Connors decide to move out of their house and find a new place to stay. Whilst packing up, Cameron inventories her collected endoskeleton parts and is joined by John, who helps her hide them with the promise that they will burn the parts later. Sarah arrives later, however, and asks to speak with John alone. Cameron leaves the garage and encounters another bird.

Before she can do anything, the bird flies away, and Cameron says "goodbye" and comments that there was a 51% chance she wouldn't have killed it. Moments later, John came out of the garage, unable to speak as he stares at her for a long moment before going into the house. Sarah confronts Cameron and tries to inform her of Riley's death, but Cameron had already heard what she'd told John.

She later talked to John, who was holding her kill switch contemplatively, and offered her sympathy for his loss. John asked her again if she was responsible for Riley's murder, but Cameron remained adamant that she was innocent. John wanted to believe her but was put off by her admittance to being able to lie to him whenever she saw fit. Cameron insisted she was not lying, however.

Knowing that Riley's death would stir trouble with her foster parents, John visited the foster dad under the pretense of looking for Riley and had Cameron call the house while he was there. Imitating Riley's voice, she convinced the foster dad that she was fine and asked to talk to John. As Riley, and for no reason at all, Cameron told John that she loved him. Upon meeting outside, John confronted her on what she said, to which Cameron simply reasoned that it was an effective strategy to get a reaction out of him. John then decided to leave her alone and told her not to follow him.

Cameron returned to the Connor residence where she found Sarah burning the endoskeleton parts in thermite. Sarah mused that she had considered waiting for Cameron with Derek's Barrett rifle, planning to blast a hole in Cameron's head, but decided against it out of fear of John's reaction. Cameron told Sarah that everyone is a threat to John, and that he must stay away from people. Sarah asked what kind of life that was for her son, to which Cameron simply replied; "John's life".


"John needs me... The police could identify Riley's body at any time. I need to be with him if they do."
- Cameron. [[Template:219|Template:219]]
File:Cameron 219.jpg

Following her conversation with Sarah in the garage, Cameron awaited John's return from the city morgue and later found him in the kitchen talking to Sarah. To Sarah's surprise, and perhaps even Cameron's, John apologized to her for ever doubting her when she said she didn't terminate Riley. Later, when John left the house to track down Jesse, Cameron took a gun and prepared to go after him in case the police should find him.

Sarah stopped her, however; reasoning that he would be safer away from the house should the police come around (causing Cameron's hand to twitch again). She then questioned Cameron's reason for being here, in this time, and why Future John would ever send her away from his side. Cameron became visibly contemplative of Sarah's suggestions, as she wondered whether Future John sent her away for reasons other than the mission.

Cameron decided not to go after John and found another bird in the garden, but unlike with the others, she simply held it carefully in her hands without killing it. When John came home after confronting Jesse, he sat between Cameron and Sarah on the couch, extremely upset by everything he'd gone through in the past few days. He turned to Cameron expectantly, but she remained stoic and nonchalant to his pain, and so John fell onto Sarah's lap and cried while Cameron watched.


"You're welcome."
- Cameron. [[Template:220|Template:220]]
File:Cameron 220.jpg

With the house packed up and their belongings crammed into the two trucks, Cameron, the Connors, and Derek left their house behind to move to a new location in the desert. While John and Sarah supposedly went to the new safehouse directly, Cameron and Derek took a detour to the weapons cache to empty it of weapons and supplies. While there, Cameron found a jacket that belonged to Jesse, which Derek angrily snatched from her grip.

Cameron then expressed her condolences for his loss, baffling him at first until explaining that Jesse was pregnant with this child before losing it during a mission in the future. Derek pinned Cameron against some shelves and stuck his gun under her chin, but Cameron pointed out that he cannot kill her, to which he replied; "I can try". He stormed out, however, but later thanked her for telling him.

During the drive to the supposed safehouse, their truck experienced a puncture, forcing them to stop to repair it. While Cameron tended to the wheel, Derek spotted a van parked up the road and was tazered by unknown assailants. Cameron drew her Glock and fired at the kidnappers, killing one of them but unable to stop the van from escaping. She scanned and recorded the number plate, and then ran back to the truck to fix the tire.

Cameron tracked the van to a warehouse where she was doused in water and electrocuted by the surviving attacker. Before he could remove her chip, however, Cameron rebooted in less than 30 seconds (as opposed to the standard 120 second reboot time) and snapped his neck before untying Derek in the other room. When asked why she rescued him, Cameron said she did it to prevent him from disclosing John's location under torture, commenting that it wouldn't be the first time.


"Future You knows what it means to lose people you love. It happens to him too."
- Cameron. [[Template:221|Template:221]]
File:Cameron 221.1.jpg

Cameron and Derek retrieved Sarah from the lighthouse, after having received a call from John, and later met up at Kyle Reese’s gravesite. She stood on watch while John informed Sarah and Derek of a possible Skynet target; Savannah Weaver. Together, they visited the Weaver residence and approached through the garage while Derek entered through the front door. Savannah was promptly attacked by a Terminator, but was rescued by John and distracted by Sarah before Cameron moved in to fight the machine in close combat.

The Terminator overpowered her, however, and briefly incapacitated Cameron before she rebooted and confronted the machine on the balcony overlooking the garden. Cameron threw the Terminator over the balcony, sending him tumbling down the steep hill. The group returned indoors to find Derek dead, having been shot in the head by the Terminator. Cameron appeared relatively unfazed by this, despite regarding John closely as he stared in horror at his uncle’s body.

With Savannah secure, they fled the residence and hid in an old cloth warehouse where they were contacted by James Ellison, demanding they hand over Savannah. Sarah agreed to meet him downtown, but sent Cameron to meet him instead. She got into his car and reminded him that she should’ve killed him before, and ordered him to drive to a location where Sarah was waiting. After refusing to hand over the girl and requesting a meeting with her mother, Catherine Weaver, Cameron and Sarah returned to the warehouse.

John informed them of John Henry, an artificial intelligence using Cromartie’s endoskeleton as a puppet (having learned this from Savannah). Cameron expressed a desire to terminate Ellison for his lies, but Sarah demanded she stay her hand and agreed to give up the girl to Ellison over the phone. During a private moment, John apologized to Cameron for Sarah’s trickery regarding the lighthouse incident. Cameron understood her reasons, however, and commented on Derek’s demise, explaining that Future John is familiar with loss.

File:Cameron 221.3.jpg

She then informed him of Sarah’s possible cancer, which he blew off at first until she mentioned her loss of weight. Before Cameron could elaborate, however, Sarah arrived and told them to wake Savannah and move out. Having chosen a movie theatre as the rendezvous point, Cameron once again questioned Ellison’s reliability concerning the meeting with Catherine Weaver. Sarah remained adamant that they would meet with Weaver either way, however.

Ellison arrived and picked up Savannah, after which Sarah led the group out of the theatre, only to be confronted by armed police. Cameron and John remained inside, safe from the authorities, and Cameron was forced to restrain John as he tried to attack Ellison for seemingly setting them up. John vowed revenge on Ellison before fleeing the scene with Cameron. They later watched the breaking news on TVs in a store window, showing them Sarah’s incarceration by the police, after which they walked away to a safe location.


"I'm sorry John. I'm sorry John. I'm sorry John. I'm sorry John. I'm sorry John. I'm sorry John."
- Cameron. [[Template:222|Template:222]]
File:Cameron 222.1.jpg
File:Cameron 222.2.jpg
File:Cameron 222.3.jpg

Cameron and John seek the safety of a motel where they continue to watch the news reports of Sarah’s arrest. While Cameron keeps watch, John angrily switches off the TV and demands they rescue Sarah. Cameron refuses to risk it, however. John then demands to know if long-time exposure to Terminator energy cells can cause cancer and suspects that Sarah’s sickness is unintentionally Cameron’s fault. He demands to know if her cell is safe, to which she claims it is, though he remains untrusting of her and lists her recent glitches.

Later that evening, they are visited by Chola, who brings them fake passports courtesy of Sarah from the inside. She also delivers Sarah’s message to not come for her and to leave as soon as the coast is clear. After Chola leaves, Cameron spots Ellison parked outside the motel and brings him inside. He explains that Weaver wishes to meet with John, though he refuses to go without his mother. Ellison then gives a message to Cameron from Weaver; “Will you join us?” Cameron is visibly disturbed by these words and insists Ellison leaves immediately.

Once he’s gone, John suspects Cameron of being upset by Ellison’s message, though she insists this isn’t the case and reminds him that she cannot feel anything. In the morning, Cameron watches John while he sleeps, which startles him when he awakes suddenly. Cameron reminds him of what she was built for and confesses that, deep down, she still wants to kill him. Before John can make sense of this, however, Cameron removes her top and brassier, then lies topless on the bed and tells a speechless John to lie on top of her.

She instructs him to cut into her chest and feel around for her power cell to determine if it is safe. He complies and cuts into her skin, which causes Cameron visible discomfort as he reaches into her endoskeleton and locates her cell. He describes her cell as being cold, to which she says “perfect”. They remain close together for some time afterward. Later, Cameron went to the prison with a shotgun and chased away the guards without any casualties, despite suffering significant damage to her flesh sheath and endoskeleton.

With her left red eye exposed, Cameron found Sarah and led her to the van parked outside with John behind the wheel. He asked her if she was okay, concerned for the damage she’d suffered, and Cameron reported her status as less than 100%. They then drove to Zeira Corp so that John and Sarah could meet Weaver while Cameron fought her way to the basement and encountered John Henry. He greeted her with a smile and asked if she knew him, to which she said “yes”. Cameron then closed the door behind her and drew a knife.

For reasons unknown, Cameron instructed John Henry to remove her chip (without setting off the self-destruct device) and he accessed the TDE equipment hidden in the basement, using it to travel to the future. Before leaving, however, Cameron programmed a message into the interface screen: I’M SORRY JOHN - I’M SORRY JOHN - I’M SORRY JOHN repeating itself over and over in a loop. It is unknown if John Henry developed a chip of his own, or if he is used Cameron's chip (in his body) to free himself from the cord at the back of his head in order to activate the TDE. Her body did not travel with her to the future, and Cameron’s fate in the future remains unknown at this time, although John meets a woman identical to Cameron in appearance shortly after the jump; possibly the human after which she was modeled, Allison Young.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Cameron is portrayed by Summer Glau, who was Josh Friedman's first choice for the role. A trained ballet dancer before she became an actress, Glau's dancing skills were transferred to the character of Cameron in the episode Template:107.
  • The scene used for Summer's audition involved a crying Cameron discussing with John the future in which she meets him, how he saves her life and "how [she] feels about [him]", even though, as a robot, she is technically incapable of any true emotions at all.
  • Cameron's origins have remained a mystery throughout the first season and the opening episodes of Season 2. However, her story is partially revealed in Template:204, wherein she is revealed to have her living tissue infiltration sheath Model based upon a real human called Allison Young. Cameron was created as a dedicated infiltrator human replacement whose goal was to infiltrate John Connor's camp. Allison was terminated by Cameron once her usefulness had ended.


Cameron eating

Cameron eats a chip

Cameron crying

Cameron cries

Cameron HUD 2

Cameron's original full colour HUD

Cameron no HUD

Cameron's "human" head-up display

Cameron HUD reboot

Cameron's reboot screen

Cameron blue eyes

Blue eyes

  • Eating: Cameron is the first Terminator to be seen consuming human food as though eating. Whether or not Cameron is able to extract energy from it remains to be seen. In the first season she is shown eating a potato chip and a pancake, and reference is made in the finale episode to her eating two slices of pizza. Her eating food may be due to the fact that she has been active for far longer than previous Terminators, and so needs to periodically nourish her organic components.
  • Crying: Cameron is also the first known Terminator to possess fully functional tear ducts, as she is seen crying in Template:201 and Template:204. Note the tear ducts are necessary for eye lubrication and protection, so it's logical to assume all T-8xx have them, otherwise their eye tissue would quickly degrade to the point when it would be obvious they're not human. Of course that does not imply they're all programmed with the ability to cry. The Series 800 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day told John Connor, "I know now why you cry. But it is something I can never do.", which strongly suggest that earlier models do not have the necessary connections and/or software for their emotions (or their equivalent) to trigger crying.
  • Feeling: Cameron is capable of feeling her environment to the same degree as humans, with the exception of pain. She claims to be able to feel heat and is shown to feel the rush of wind against her skin, which opens the door in regards to other such sensations. She can also perform biomarker scans via skin-to-skin contact, measuring a person's stress level and medical condition. In Template:209 she is seen putting a foot out the car window while John drives. When John asked why, she replied she wanted to feel free, and the wind running through her toes. She informs John that she feels much more than he thinks, which is probably because John's sole reference point for a Terminator's senses was a T-800 series, and she would be worth quite less if she couldn't.
  • Reboot: Cameron is similar to Cromartie in which she also has the "120 second reboot" factor, as demonstrated in the Template:102 episode. However, as demonstrated in the events of Template:212, excessive damage can force a longer period of offline time as self-diagnostics and automatic repair and rerouting subroutines work to reactivate the unit.[15]
  • Weight: Cameron is much lighter than one might expect, as are other Terminators. Though it is shown that she is heavy enough to require the combined efforts of both Sarah and John to lift her into a chair. She also claims to be too heavy to swim, which is true for other Terminators.
  • Series/Model/Class: Cameron's terminator series is unknown. A promotional poster lists Cameron as a "TERMINATOR CLASS TOK715"[16]. Terminator "classes" are a new concept, and it remains to be seen how (and if) they tie to series and model numbers. Cameron does refer to herself in the colloquial "we" when discussing the reprogramming of terminators by the resistance and that she was wiped after capture to help insure success in the reprogramming. Although Vick analyzes her as an "Unknown Cyborg" that could simply be a factor of her Infiltration sheath being a model not developed for use by Skynet prior to his deployment into the past. It would have no knowledge of updates and advances post-time travel. There are several elements ruling her apart from pre-existing terminators, such as the ability to eat, possess a full color HUD, and crying. She was able to override her Skynet programming when her chip malfunctioned, something that only one terminator has done before (The T-850 in T3). She may be of a similar model to Rosie (who was never identified either), but Cameron easily overpowered her in combat.
  • HUD: Cameron's head-up display is in full color (Pilot, The Demon Hand) with text and targeting overlays, rather than the traditional "all red" as shown in the T-800s, T-850s, T-888s or the "all blue" as seen in the T-X. Prior to the Jeep explosion, Cameron's HUD was identical to the T-888s, except for having a turquoise hue as opposed to red. After the explosion, however, Cameron's HUD overlay changes to a darker shade of blue and is seen to possess a different layout than the original. Whether this is the result of software self-modification or restructuring of damaged systems has to be seen. Cameron's HUD is also capable of "hiding" during infiltration missions, as seen in Template:204, allowing her to see the world as humans do.
  • Name: Cameron has a name that she self-identifies herself with. This differs from Cromartie who only used that name briefly as an alias (although the Connors and Cameron continue to refer to him by the name) or Carter, who similarly appears to be using an alias. However Vick Chamberlain also uses a distinct name for the purposes of his mission, and may have been intentionally crafted with that identity to replace the "real Vick" during the car crash it uses to now cover his behavioral shortfalls. The origin of Cameron's name has yet to be revealed; it's not yet known whether she created it as an alias when she went back in time, or if she was given the name in the future (presumably by the older John Connor).
  • Built Date: According to the official FOX website of Sarah Connor Chronicles "Completion date: January 13, 2007" is displayed when hovering the mouse over the unfinished cyborg Cameron Phillips. It is unknown if this is intended for the build date of terminator Cameron Phillips or a mistype and meant for the air date of the show (which is actually January 13, 2008). It seem hard to make the date fit into the storyline of the show if this is actually a build date of Cameron Phillips.
  • Eye Color: Cameron's glowing blue eyes seem to indicate a similarity to the T-X in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. T-888s usually have red eyes, as do all T-8xx series terminators. The only other terminator seen with blue eyes is the T-X, and she has been shown to bleed, something T-X model terminators are not able to do, due to their "liquid metal" nature.
  • Combat: Cameron's physical abilities are somewhat diminished compared to larger endoskeletons, due to her greater sacrifice of overall mass and reach. To her credit, she seems to be far more flexible than the other Terminators so far, and is endowed with comparable pure strength. While she was shown to be powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Cromartie and disable him in single combat with surprise on her side in the pilot episode, she has been outmatched when fighting other T-888s (such as Vick and Greenway) in more straight up battles and only defeats them with external help from the Connors. Despite her trouble with larger machines, however, Cameron has shown to be able to defeat another model of comparable dimensions as herself. Her fight with Rosie demonstrates her full combat prowess as she physically contorts the other machine, even applying enough force to drive a heel into its eye socket, a fight Cameron left with only a few scratches. [[See: Terminator vs. Terminator for details|See: Terminator vs. Terminator for details]] In "Self made man" Cameron had a short battle with a T-888 terminator, and easily emerged victoriously. In Template:217 John Connor, however, said that Cameron was not designed to combat other terminators.
  • Infiltration: Though Cameron is somewhat lacking in her physical capability, she is shown to possess infiltration skills that easily surpasses those of the T-888, an advanced model infiltrator. In the Template:101 episode, Cameron displays the ability to pose as a curious and friendly student, without any tell-tale irregularities that are common amongst other models. It is feasible that John may never have learned the truth about her had Cromartie not intervened. In Template:204, Cameron suffers a software glitch that traps her in "stealth/infiltration mode", but as she does not remember that she is a machine; Cameron comes to believe that she is Allison, the human she was created to replace. Interestingly, Cameron is shown to be capable of genuine emotion in this state, which would suggest that a contributing factor in her success is due to Skynet's allowance for emotions in her core programming. So far, Cameron is the most advanced infiltrator to date, perhaps more so than the T-1000 series.

Character conceptEdit

Creation and development

"Terminators—and this is from James Cameron's vision of the mythology—are actually infiltrators. If that is the case, then what better infiltrator than a beautiful, petite teenage girl?"
- Josh Friedman.

Josh Friedman referenced franchise creator James Cameron's original concept for Terminators as he formulated ideas for the character. James Cameron envisioned Terminators as robotic, humanoid infiltration units "that could blend in with humanity." In keeping with this idea, Friedman introduced Cameron as the most advanced model of Terminator whose ascendancy over other models was defined by her ability to mimic human behavior. The decision to make the character a teenager, female and of a small physical stature was also influenced by the original Terminator character concept; Friedman believed that such attributes were ideal for an infiltrator. Another factor that prompted Friedman to characterize Cameron as an adolescent female stemmed from the desire to add a "coming-of-age" aspect to the narrative by incorporating the story of how John Connor becomes a man. He has stated "eventually, John has to let go of his mother. This requires a third leverage point... another girl." The decision of Cameron's age and gender were, therefore, also made to satisfy the conditions that the role of the "third leverage point" entailed.

It has been noted that Cameron has been written differently from the pilot episode to the series, with the character acting much more human in the former and more like a machine in the latter. Both Friedman and Glau have acknowledged this. In a February 2008 conference call, Glau stated "We were experimenting with Cameron quite a bit... In the pilot, she does act very human. And then as she goes through the series, it appears that she's taken steps back and that she is acting more like a Terminator would." Friedman stated in an interview with IGN that he views the pilot, in which Cameron acts "very mannered and strange," as a learning process and that when he began writing the second episode, he became interested in exploring a new side of the character. He continued "Cameron has been programmed to come back for a particular purpose or purposes. Her behavior may seem inconsistent to a viewer, but it doesn't mean it's inconsistent for what her goals are."



  • Cameron has been shown speaking five languages: English, Spanish102, Russian107, Armenian109, and Japanese210.
  • Cameron seems to enjoy listening (and dancing) to Chopin's Nocturne in C-sharp minor106.
  • Cameron's been seen using three weapons: a Glock 17 pistol102, a Remington 870p combat shotgun208 and a M4A1205.
  • Cameron has two catch phrases: "That's tight"101 and "Thank you for explaining"107.


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