Cale, Dark Warlord of Corruption (known as Yami Mashou Anubis in YST) is one of the Four Warlords from the anime Ronin Warriors (originally Samurai Troopers in Japan). The Warlords serve Master Talpa, the primary villain of the series, and as such are the enemies the Ronin Warriors most often face in combat. He is voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto (Richard Newman in the English dub).


Cale manipulates the cold, death, and darkness. His main opponent was Sage of the Halo. Cale has a cross-shaped scar, the vertical part going right through his left eye and the horizontal part going across his cheek. He, Dais, and Sekhmet did not like Anubis being the leader and often criticised him. This usually led to the four constantly bickering with each other and having Talpa to break it up with threats.

After Anubis' leave and Talpa's defeat, Cale and the other Warlords were left without a leader. However, Talpa's plans soon changed when he revealed his new weapon: Lady Kayura. While she was not a Warlord nor did she possess a mystical armor, her fighting abilities quickly placed her on Talpa's favorite list. The Dark Warlords were pushed back, which displeased them.

When Talpa started to make his survival apparent to the Ronins by sending minions, Cale was soon dispatched. He went to capture Sage. By doing so, he played with Sage's feelings by making him think that both he and Sage were alike. To prove this, Cale took possession of dead deer and made them attack Sage. Eventually, he fought Sage, but lost. This did not matter because Cale's mission was accomplished anyway when Talpa captured Sage and his armor, taking them back to the Dynasty.

When Ryo and Rowen attacked Talpa's castle in the Dynasty, Cale and the Warlords fought against them. In one of those battles, Ryo absorbed the power of both Rowen's armor and the three Warlords' armors to form the armor of Inferno, weakening them.

After Talpa's defeat, it was the end of the manipulation over the Warlords. Cale, Dais, Sekhmet, and Lady Kayura returned to the Nether Realm to rebuild it.

Cale's Corruption armor is infused with the Virtue of Tei ("Obedience"). His weapons are a Nodachi and claw-like armor spikes. His surekill is Black Lightning Slash (in YST, it was called Ankoku Chohigiri; Darkness Leaping Slash), where he fires a number of black lasers. His armor is mostly a grey color with a cape on the back. His under-armor is a dark red with the chestplate being a reddish-pink color.

According to The Encyclopedia of YST, if Cale was to use his powers for good, he would be the Eyes for people lost in the darkness. No matter how powerful his enemies may be, he will be persistent and continue to fight.

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