Butch the Bulldog is a fictional character created by The Walt Disney Company in 1950. He appears mainly as Pluto's archnemesis. Butch first appeared in the Pluto cartoon Bone Trouble where Pluto tried to steal his bone. Ever since then Butch has been antagonizing Pluto. Sometimes, Butch competes with Pluto for the affections of Dinah the Dachshund. At one point Butch even antagonized Figaro the Kitten. Recently, in the episode "Pluto's Best" from the CGI animated series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Butch's owner is indeed revealed as Black Pete. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse, Hunky, Fifi the Peke, Ronnie the St. Bernard Puppy, and Figaro the Kitten are all familiar with Butch. In the series Disney's House of Mouse, in the cartoon short "Pluto's Arrow Error," it is revealed that Dinah the Dachshund is Butch's gal, which might explain her fickle nature on most other cartoon appearances she's had with Pluto and Butch competing for her affections.

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