Burning Blaze

Burning Blaze

Burning Blaze is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and an in-game form of Blaze the Cat.


Burning Blaze is Blaze the Cat's super form. Transformed by the power of the Sol Emeralds, she can generate fireballs in her hand which she can throw. The player uses her in the last battles of the Sonic Rush series. Visual changes include her fur turning pink, and the tip of her tail turning red. Her ponytail is noticeably longer, with the details on the end erased. She is also the only Sonic character to have her clothes change after a transformation and one of the only ones to keep their eye color. More importantly, she is the only female character in the entire Sonic series to canonically achieve a super transformation. Her jacket becomes red, while the lining around it changes to a golden shade of yellow. Curiously, the cuffs on her gloves and shoes seem to be engulfed in magenta flames and go slightly up her sleeve.

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