Brock as seen in the Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl series (Season 10+)

Brock, (known in Japan as Takeshi), is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise. In the Pokémon video games, he is the Gym Leader of Pewter City and mainly uses Rock-type Pokémon; in the anime series, he left his position as a Gym Leader to travel alongside Ash Ketchum and become a revered Pokémon Breeder. He has also appeared in several Pokémon manga series, including Pokémon and the Ash & Pikachu manga.

He is voiced by Yūji Ueda in the English version and Eric Stuart (for the first eight seasons) and Bill Rogers in the English dub.

In the animeEdit


Brock as seen in Pokémon FireRed, LeafGreen, Yellow, Red, and Blue.

In the Pokémon anime, Brock aspires to be the greatest Pokémon Breeder, and gives up his title of Gym Leader after Ash Ketchum wins his first Kanto League Gym Badge from him. He is first seen taking care of his nine siblings. After Ash loses to Brock, a stranger offers to help make his Pikachu stronger. Pikachu (after being hooked up to a local hydro-power station) becomes stronger and manages to defeat Geodude, but Onix remains too strong. Onix has Pikachu in a body bind; however, Pikachu's previous electric attack ravaged the gym, which set off the sprinklers, weakening Onix. Ash declines the badge on the grounds that he unfairly beat Brock, but Brock later catches up to him and presents to him the badge, saying that he wants Ash to fulfill his dream of becoming the best. The stranger that first helped Ash reveals himself to be Brock's father, Flint. Brock is now free to train himself, and joins Ash and Misty on their journey.

Since then, he travels with Ash and Misty on their many adventures. In the Orange Islands series, he leaves the team to join Professor Felina Ivy, but mysteriously returns to Pallet Town when Ash wins the Orange League Championship. Rejoining Ash and Misty, Brock travels to Johto, where he continues to help Ash and Misty. Upon the conclusion of the Silver Conference, the three part ways, and Brock heads back to Pewter City. There (in an episode of Pokémon Chronicles) he discovers his estranged mother Lola (Mizuho in the original), who, because she is a Water Pokémon Trainer, has ruined the reputation of the Gym he defended so dearly by turning it into a Water-type gym. By defeating his mother, he restores the Gym's reputation. He then leaves all his Pokémon (except Forretress) to his younger brother Forrest before departing for the Hoenn region, where he catches up with Ash and his two new friends, May and Max. The group travels across Hoenn and then returns to Kanto to participate in the Battle Frontier. The group then parted ways once again until Brock met up with Ash in Sinnoh in the next season.

During this time, Brock's father, Flint (Munō in the original, who was also Brock's predecessor as Gym Leader), ran off again, and his brother Forrest (Jirō in the original) has taken the role of Gym Leader in Pewter City, as well as the responsibility of caring for his eight younger siblings. Brock is the oldest of ten siblings, with five brothers and four sisters.

Brock is always well-equipped, and is often the voice of reason when the rest of the team get into an argument. He is also hardworking and is always willing to help others. Coupled with his experiences in taking care of others, Brock prepares food and does most chores for the main characters. Brock is also exceptionally good at making food for Pokémon. Brock shows the typical "clean freak" personality when he sees messiness, which has even prompted him to start cleaning immediately on at least one occasion.

Running gagsEdit


One of the most notable running gags in the anime is that Brock makes advances on virtually every girl his age or older he meets and is usually met by rejection, confusion, or forced retreat by Misty, Max, or his Pokémon, Croagunk. One of several exceptions was Professor Ivy, the Pokémon Professor from the Orange Islands, with whom he spent some time away from the show. He later returns but refuses to explain why he left her, simply saying "Don't mention that name!". Pike Queen Lucy of the Battle Frontier in Tohjo Falls seems to have a liking towards Brock (partially because she has a soft spot for people with squinty eyes) almost traveling with him, before Max interrupts. Other girls who had feelings for Brock include Wilhemina, Temaku, and Holly.

His crushes include the various Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys, which he can differentiate with ease based on very perceptive but minute observations. Because of this, he can spot impostor Joys and Jennys instantly.


Another one of the notable running gags is how Brock is forced to entertain an audience while other characters retrieve something which would typically be another Pokémon that would have been putting on a show for the current audience, but has been stolen by Team Rocket. In these cases, he recites one song (usually an English version of "Takeshi no Paradise", one of the Japanese ending themes) ad nauseam until he loses interest in singing or is booed offstage.

In video gamesEdit

In Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FireRed, and LeafGreen, Brock is the Pewter City Gym Leader. His role in the games is no more important than that of any of the other Gym Leaders, and he would be considered a minor character in the franchise were he not a main character in the anime.

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