Bluey in Diddy Kong Racing.

Bluey the Walrus is a fictional character in Donkey Kong franchise and the second boss of Diddy Kong Racing. He is a large blue walrus and one of the fastest racers on Timber's Island.

During the events of Diddy Kong Racing Bluey ended up being hypnotized by an evil pig named Wizpig who turned Bluey into one of his slaves, Bluey was also intrusted into guarding one of the pieces of Wizpig's amulet.

Bluey would only allow someone to race him if they managed to beat all the challenges in his area, Snowflake Mountain. If someone manages to beat all of Bluey's trials they will be given the "priviledge" of racing Bluey. The race against Bluey is on a downhill mountain. If Bluey is beaten in a race, he will temporarily be freed of Wizpig's brainwashing. In this brief moment of freedom Bluey will allow the victor of his race to partake in Snowflake Mountains Silver Coin challenges.

If all of Snowflake Mountains Silver Coin challenges are beaten, then the player will gain the chance to re-race Bluey. This time Bluey is twice as fast, making his race that much harder. After Bluey is beaten for the second time he will be relinquished from Wizpig's control. As thanks for freeing him, Bluey will give his opponent the piece of Wizpig's amulet he was guarding.

Bluey also appears in Diddy Kong Racing's end-of-game victory celebration.

Bluey may also have been set to make a reappearance in the cancelled game Donkey Kong Racing; as Taj the Genie, a character from Diddy Kong Racing was going to appear in it. It is unknown if Bluey was going to appear in Diddy Kong Racing's cancelled Game Boy Advance sequel, Diddy Kong Pilot. Bluey also appears in the Nintendo DS remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS. He sounds more like an elderly leader in this game. Also, in the game, the difficulty of both forms of the boss has risen incredibly, unlike the other bosses, who's difficulty has majorly dropped.