A standard Blooper

Bloopers (Gessō in Japanese, originally known in English as Bloobers) are enemies in Nintendo's Mario franchise. They are white, squid-like creatures that first appear in Super Mario Bros. as underwater enemies that attack by chasing the player and trying to kill them via physical contact. Later games give Bloopers a multitude of powers, including flight and the ability to expel ink and electricity. Large variations, such as Gooper Blooper and Big Blooper appear as bosses. Although usually depicted as antagonists, Blooper occasionally have other roles, such as an item in Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii and a playable character in Mario Party 8 and Mario Super Sluggers. In Mario Kart, he has only one role; to squirt ink on the opposition. This blinds the oppositions' vision, particularly those in first or second place. A player can get rid of the ink quicker by boosting its speed.

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