Blink from A Hero's Tail

Blink the Mole is a fictional character in the Spyro the Dragon series. He is a young mole, nephew of the The Professor.He made appearances in Spyro: Shadow Legacy, Spyro: A Hero's Tail, Spyro Orange: The Cortex Conspiracy and Crash Purple: Ripto's Rampage


He first appeared after being rescued from a cage by Spyro in Crocovile Swamp, "fresh-air-a-phobia"--which you can probably guess means "a deathly fear of not being trapped underground." In A Hero's Tail, he offers Blink mini-games in each of the Dragon Realms. In the mini-games you are to destroy the required amount of Dark Shards underground, digging up gems and finding entrances through walls. The first time this is completed, you receive a Dragon Egg. The second time Blink kindly hands over a Light Gem.

The young mole has easy access to underground when he is not trapped above, for his uncle the Professor invented wonderful digging gloves. These also help him to shoot lasers at foes in the mini-games.

Blink is always a great way to take a break from the awfully short storylines of Spyro and play a mini-game.

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