Black Raazer is a fictional character in Marvel Comics who first appeared in the first Alpha Flight series. (The character's name has been spelled or misspelled as Raazar and Razaar.)

Fictional character biographyEdit

The Black Raazer was a sorcerer whose spirit became trapped in the Black Blade of Bagdad centuries ago. The adventurer Eugene Judd, known as Puck, was hired to steal the blade in the 1930s, and his actions freed the evil Raazer from his prison, but Judd used his knowledge of the occult to absorb the evil spirit into his own body, which reduced Judd to half his former height. Although Judd later managed to free himself from Raazer, the sorcerer was briefly contained again, only to be freed by Loki.

Raazer was a member of Desert Sword during the Persian Gulf War.

Black Raazer has been referred to as Arabic, but is actually Persian.

Powers, abilities, and equipmentEdit

Raazer is a sorcerer. He has been shown able to perform spells and mystic wards by gestures or chants. He can create an unholy cold smoke, search using mystic senses and scrying, and he possesses empathic abilities including: moral corruption, instilling an overpowering sense of dread in others, and perceiving when he is being lied to. Raazer can also levitate objects telekinetically, including insubstantial objects such as smoke, sand -- even reversing Pyro's flame attack.

Since becoming a wraith, Raazer exhibits various ghostlike abilities including intangibility, floating, and invisibility -- even not registering on Box's electronic sensors). He can vanish completely or simply turn into mist. When intangible he can become one with objects or persons and more easily corrupt them.

Most importantly, Raazer has mastery over the powerful Black Blade of Baghdad which he is capable of using without succumbing to its corrupting influence.

The Black Blade of Baghdad is an indestructible mystic scimitar. The blade, formerly a tool of good Persian sorcerers, has been corrupted by Raazer during the period that it was his prison, and Raazer has become the blade's master. It can cut through any substance when tangible, disrupt energy fields, drain the magic from its vicinity, and absorb, or reflect back, the magical energy and spells directed at it or its wielder. When intangible, the blade can, with a "cut," drain lifeforce from people with and leave its victims shrunken to half their previous size. This adds to Raazer's lifeforce and provides him with enhanced magic and physical aspects including some superhuman strength.


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