Bark the Polarbear

Bark in Sonic the Fighters

Bark the Polarbear (Baku za Pōrābeā) is a yellow polar bear who appears in the games Sonic the Fighters and Fighters Megamix alongside Bean the Dynamite. He lacks speed and has a low IQ, but his incredible strength makes up for it. He has the comical ability of flattening an opponent's head in Sonic the Fighters. He specializes in throw moves.

He and Bean appear in issue #160 of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic, where they ambush Sonic on his birthday, but Bark finds himself outnumbered and surrenders to Fiona Fox. He also made a cameo appearance in issue #50. He also used to be part of a mercenary group which included Fiona and Bean and was led by Nic the Weasel. He have been recently featured as prominent characters in the comic.

Bark also makes an appearance in Shenmue as a collection toy.

Bark was also recently featured in Sonic Channel's character poll.


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