Ashley Hammond

Tracy Lynn Cruz as Ashley Hammond

Ashley Hammond, portrayed by Tracy Lynn Cruz, is a fictional character in the Power Rangers TV series.

Character HistoryEdit

Power Rangers: TurboEdit

Ashley was chosen by Tanya Sloan to become the new Yellow Turbo Ranger during Power Rangers: Turbo, taking over control of the Dune Star Turbo Zord and later gaining access to the Star Racer Rescue Zord. She was the first caucasion Yellow Ranger. She was originally suggested to share a love interest with Carlos, the new Green Ranger. In the episode when Translucitor kidnapped Carlos and the other 2 guys, she used the Turbo Navigator to show the directions where Translucitor was hiding and the location of kidnapped guys while Cassie as the muscle who fought Translucitor.

When the Power Chamber was destroyed by Divatox and the defeated Turbo Rangers received word that the planet Eltar, home to their original mentor Zordon, had fallen to evil forces, Ashley and the other three new Turbo Rangers - T.J., Carlos, and Cassie - left Earth for outer space in a NASADA space shuttle, powerless but ready to fight to save Zordon.

Power Rangers in SpaceEdit

Ashley and the other Rangers then met Andros (Power Rangers) Andros, the Red Space Ranger, on the Astro Megaship, and she was given new powers as the "Yellow Space Ranger", who later commanded the Mega V-4 (Saucer) Zord. She shared a love of food & living in California a love interest with Andros. However, all was made clear, and Andros was then able to ask Ashley out on a date (Imploying that she has a big crush on him.) After the final battle in "Power Rangers in Space", the Space Rangers, as well as Andros' sister Karone returned to Earth.

Power Rangers: Lost GalaxyEdit

Ashley and the other Space Rangers made an appearance in the episode To the Tenth Power to team up with the Galaxy Power Rangers and destroy the Psycho Rangers revived by Deviot to destroy the Power Rangers. She fought alongside with fellow Yellow Ranger Maya and defeated Psycho Yellow along with the other Psycho Rangers. She made one last appearance in The Power of Pink to fight the Sting Wingers with the Galaxy Power Rangers and destroy Psycho Pink.

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