Artie P&P

Artie in the Season 2 opening credits.

Artie, the Strongest Man in the World is a character on the television show The Adventures of Pete & Pete, played by Toby Huss. He was Little Pete's "personal superhero". He appeared in the specials, shorts, and first two seasons of the series, as well as the two five-minute Pete & Pete short films "The Artie Workout" and "Staremaster" which appear on the "Classic Petes" and "School Dazed" Pete & Pete videos, respectively. Artie's "costume" consisted of a red-and-blue striped long-sleeved shirt and red form-fitting pants. He also wore glasses. According to the Pete & Pete short "Artie, the Strongest Man... in the World!", his shirt is made of 60% titanium and 40% cotton. As for his place of residence in Wellsville, Artie resided in a "porta-house" that very closely resembled a portable toilet.

The origin of Artie and how he became Little Pete's own personal superhero was never explained on the show. However, from dialogue in the episode "Farewell My Little Viking", it can be inferred that Artie goes around helping kids who need him.

Artie has aided Little Pete in many of his exploits, including his attempt to break the world record for staying awake. Some of Artie's other notable doings include moving the entire Hickle house one inch and helping Little Pete beat up the Atlantic Ocean as punishment for allowing summer to end.

The character of Artie was originally created by Huss for one of his No Shame Theatre comedy routines.

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