Arizona Goof (original Italian name: Indiana Pipps) is a character in the fictional Mickey Mouse universe created by Walt Disney.

Arizona Goof is an archaeologist and a cousin of Goofy. Arizona has a weird habit of not using beds, doors, or stairs. Instead, he sleeps in a tent, enters and exits houses through windows, and climbs floors by a rope. Arizona is fond of a specific brand of liquorice candy (the brand is called Negritas in original Italian language version, Tuju in the Finnish language translation), which he never travels without and is addicted to the taste of, but which everyone else finds horrible. Arizona's car is an old jeep which he has named affectionately as Gippippa (Karoliina in the Finnish translation). Arizona has a rival archaeologist, who is greedy and shameless, and not above resorting to criminal behaviour.

The character Arizona Goof was created by writer Bruno Sarda and artist Massimo De Vita in 1988, as a spoof of the film character Indiana Jones.

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