Andross 64

Andross as he appears in Star Fox 64.

Andross is a fictional character in Nintendo's Star Fox franchise, and is widely considered to be the main antagonist of the series overall, and is the archenemy of Fox McCloud. He is highly skilled in telekinesis, technology, and tactics. His forces have tried to take over the Lylat System many times.


Early LifeEdit

Andross was once a brilliant Cornerian scientist with pure intentions. His research proved to be beneficial towards both Corneria and the Lylat system at large, earning him the title of a genius to be honored and respected. However, he had one fatal flaw: a lust for power which drove him towards the brink of madness. One of his particular experiments with biological weapons resulted in an explosion, tragically destroying a large portion of Corneria City. Andross was banished by General Pepper of the Cornerian Army for the fear that Andross could potentially destroy the planet if left to do his bidding. The scientist was exiled to the desolate planet of Venom.

The Lylat WarsEdit

During his exile, Andross made a shocking discovery that Venom hosted life-forms of humanoid lizards. As the years progressed, he began building an army, as well as conducting various life-threatening experiments on himself. He soon became a twisted shell of his former self, driven by insanity. His thoughts and intentions shifted from protecting the Lylat system, to making it his own, to eventually destroying it and ruling a new galaxy under his name. He continued using his new power to turn Venom into an empire.

Five years had passed, and General Pepper noticed strange activity coming from Venom. Under direct order from the Cornerian Army, a band of mercenaries known as the Star Fox team were sent to investigate. The team consisted of three members: James McCloud, the founder and leader, Peppy Hare, and Pigma Dengar. Upon their arrival, Pigma betrayed the team, leaving James and Peppy to be captured. James was killed but Peppy escaped, barely managing to do so. Returning home, he informed General Pepper of what happened and to tell James’ son, Fox McCloud, about his father’s fate.

After some time Andross declared war on the Lylat system and proclaimed himself emperor. He unleashed the Venomian Army onto Venom's neighboring planets, conquering and destroying anything in his path. Each planet overtaken was used to Andross’s advantage, as he built numerous bases and weapons to crush any form of rebellion. Soon the entire Lylat system was on the brink of becoming a wasteland of near-extinction. Only one planet was left to conquer; Corneria. General Pepper stood no chance against the wrath of the evil emperor, and watched as Corneria City was destroyed. There had only been one last hope left to fight back against this menace, the new Star Fox team.

This new team was led by Fox McCloud, and composed of Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, and Falco Lombardi. All were experts at flying the swift Arwing, and came to General Pepper’s aid immediately. The team was dispatched immediately, and the young but keen Fox guaranteed Andross would be stopped, leaving for Corneria City without delay.

The Star Fox team achieved what seemed impossible. Within every planet they traveled through, Andross’s forces were defeated. Powerful bases and biological weapons were neutralized one by one. Along the way the rival Star Wolf was also disposed of.

Even on their home world the forces of Andross were vanquished, until the dictator himself awaited his demise. This would not startle Andross, for in spite of his forces being annihilated, he still taunted Fox, telling him he would die just like his father. Though the team was ready to take on Andross head-to-head, they were ordered by Fox to stay back as he fearlessly traveled into the depths of the planet to face his father’s killer.

Andross SNES

The mechanical decoy of Andross, as he appears in Star Fox.

As Fox traveled deeper through the tunnels of Andross’s lair, the cruel ape insulted him for his foolishness in going alone. This did not stop the brave warrior, as he soon met face-to-face with his greatest enemy. Fox gazed in revulsion at what was supposed to be the former great scientist of Corneria. The maniacal genius had performed so many lethal experiments on himself that he was nothing more than an immense disembodied head with a pair of mechanical hands at both his sides.

A grueling battle began, and both suffered large amounts of damage. Fox gave it his all and managed to destroy the evil emperor, watching as he exploded from within. It seemed the tyrant had finally been defeated, but this was not the case. What was left of Andross had been nothing more than a large brain with two bulging eyes. Even still, Andross would not give up. The battle continued until Fox shattered the large cerebellum of the evil genius. Disintegrating, Andross, with the last of his power, let loose a devastating self-destruction, hoping to claim Fox’s life in doing so. He nearly succeeded, but, in part of James' spiritual guidance to Fox, ultimately failed. The great leader of Venom had been defeated, and the Lylat system had been saved.

Brief ResurrectionEdit

Four years after Andross's death, everything seemed to be at peace. After the end of the Lylat Wars, a Cornerian base was established on Titania for research on its ruins. Unfortunately, this research base was actually a front for the leader of the base, Captain Shears, to resurrect the great Andross by cloning genetic remnants of him found on the planet. Sometime during the four years, a space gang known as the Hot Rodders, led by Katt Monroe, had hacked into the main database of Captain Shears' files and discovered research documents on resurrecting Andross. She managed to contact Falco, who was a former member of the gang, for assistance in dealing with what she found. Falco left without his team’s permission while they were debriefed on the situation. The mad captain misled the Star Fox Team into believing the Hot Rodders were actually servants of Andross. This deception led to a dogfight between Fox and Falco, while Andross’s revival went underway. It was not until after Slippy explored the so called “servants'” base that the fighting ended. Fox entered Captain Shears' base on Titania in an attempt to stop him, but it was too late. The once powerful dictator Andross had awaken before him. Captain Shears was killed by the resurrected beast, who then attacked Fox. Luckily, the team managed to destroy the base and left Andross beneath its ruins.

Saurian CrisisEdit

After his apparent defeat at the hands of Fox, Andross, severely weakened and reduced to a disembodied spirit, fled Venom and took refuge on Sauria, where he learned of the Krazoa. Andross found and gave General Scales, who was then invading the Krazoa Palace, more power to defeat the EarthWalker army and conquered the palace. After some time, Krystal arrived in Sauria and discovered the Krazoa. She completed one of six spiritual tests, releasing a Krazoa spirit into the palace. When she did this, Andross, who had been watching from behind, attacked, trapping her within a crystal which ascended to the roof of the palace. After this incident, Andross disappeared and awaited the moment when all six spirits would eventually be released.

A distress signal had been sent out by Krystal through telepathy, and it was General Pepper who received it. The Star Fox team, who had been orbiting the planet at the time, was ordered by General Pepper to investigate. Falco had left the team years earlier, and the team needed cash to make repairs on the Great Fox. They saw this as a great opportunity to do so.

Arriving on the planet, the lone hero Fox McCloud discovered Krystal's Staff and battled his way through the dangers of the Dinosaur Planet, fighting against the vicious tribe known as the SharpClaw. He learned that sections of the planet were split apart, causing the destruction of Sauria. There were various confrontations between Fox and General Scales, all of which were very short. The Star Fox team learned of the Krazoa spirits, and were ordered to collect all six to replace the missing sections of the planet.

It was later discovered that General Scales was a mere puppet of Andross. After the final confrontation between Fox and the crazed general, the voice of Andross demanded General Scales give up the last of the Krazoa spirits, which he held inside him all along. Fox recognized the voice, but could not remember who exactly it was.

Having the last spirit released, Andross arose in the form of a mighty Krazoa statue looking over the vast palace, claiming to be a god. Krystal was released from her prison and saved by Fox, who watched as Krystal took back her staff and quickly tried to destroy the floating sculpture. Little did both her and Fox know, however, that an evil creature smiled on the other side of the structure. Krystal's attacks did nothing to the statue as it floated to the skies, where it was followed by Fox in his Arwing.

Soon in space, a confused Fox gazed upon the great Krazoa statue which stared back at him. It suddenly spun around, revealing the creature it had been hiding. Andross, who was thought to have been killed years ago, laughed and remarked how he was going to destroy the Lylat system once again. Fox, horror-struck, knew he had to destroy him once and for all. A clash between good and evil ensued, as both viciously attacked one another. The fighting could be heard by the inhabitants of Sauria itself. Andross had come too far to be defeated once again, and soon gained the upper hand. Fox's Arwing was nearly destroyed. Only a miracle could save him from being crushed by Andross's jaws.

Falco appeared from nowhere and saved Fox from being killed. This gave Fox more courage to keep fighting. Andross did not think anything of this act, ignoring Falco and concentrating on killing Fox. This was his downfall, as Falco provided bombs for Fox to use. One by one they were released into Andross's mouth, revealing the large brain he shelled underneath. Swift shots were fired and almost immediately the effects of both Fox and Falco's team work was shown. Andross, screaming, burst into a blast of energy, almost claiming Fox and Falco's Arwings. The evil ex-emperor had finally been defeated for good. Fox prevented the Lylat system from war once again, thanks to the help of an old friend.

Truly Dead?Edit

While it seems to be that Andross was killed for the final time in Star Fox Adventures, one storyline hints that he reappeared at least one time after the incident. In the level "Andross's Legacy" in Star Fox Command, Peppy mentions that after being defeated by Star Fox for quite a few times, he began thinking that Andross could have developed a device to neutralize the Venom Sea, and after completing it, he hid it on Titania, spending his remaining days there. This contradicts the notion that Andross died for the final time in Star Fox Adventures. However this is non-canon because of the nature of Star Fox Command and Andross's final death is officially in Star Fox Adventures.

Andross Command

Andross's brief appearance in Star Fox Command.

Although he is thought to be gone, he is certainly not forgotten. Andross's descendants, nephew Andrew Oikonny and grandson Dash Bowman, both attempted to carry out his desires. Dash tried to revive the memory of his grandfather's original intentions of helping the Lylat system, whereas Andrew proclaimed himself the new emperor to continue Andross's evil intentions of ruling the Lylat system. As for Andross himself no one knows. It can be argued he is nothing more than a wandering spirit protecting his mechanism on Titania which is capable of neutralizing the acid in the Venom Seas. It's unknown why he would create such a thing, as it's also implied that he was responsible for the Anglar's creation. However, he probably created it to try and destroy the very thing he created in a bid for power. In Star Fox Command, his ghost appears as a boss who takes the form of either a Killer Bee, Dune Worm, Grunner, or a Monarch Dodora.

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