Ace of Spades is the name of three fictional characters from DC Comics.

Ace of Spades (Unnamed) Edit

This Ace of Spades first and only appearance was in Joker #5 (January-February 1976.) He became the leader of the Royal Flush Gang after Amos Fortune, the Ace of Clubs left the group. After being defeated by the Joker, the team disbanded again. The true identity of this Ace of Spades was never made known. (There have also been reports that this Ace of Spades actually was Amos Fortune, but this is somewhat controversial and has not been confirmed.)

Ace of Spades (Android) Edit

A superstrong android first appeared in Justice League of America #205 (June 1982) as part of the second version of the Royal Flush Gang led by Hector Hammond. He was created by Derek Reston and occasionally impersonated him. He has been destroyed several times, but is always re-built.

Ace of Spades (Ernie Clay)Edit

The third Ace was a petty criminal by the name of Ernie Clay. An associate of Joe Carny, the former King of the second Royal Flush Gang, Clay replaced the "Derek Reston" android as the Ace when the second Gambler re-formed and re-equipped the Gang. He was outfitted with a powered exo-skeleton to give him super strength. He first appeared in New Titans #68 (August 1990).